4 Accessories to Pair (Expertly) with a Fox Fur Coat

This article is going to be slightly different from some of the other fashion posts you may have seen regarding luxury furs.

Instead of offering you actual ideas for putting together outfits, this will give you some inspiration for how to proceed with creating an ensemble by pairing in accordance with the fur’s highlights. You can apply that to any fur in your wardrobe, specifically your fox fur coat.

The next time you have a black tie event, take a good, close look at your fox fur jacket. Fox fur usually has beautiful guard hairs with rich, resplendent metallic highlights.

Many fox fur coats will offer silvery, pearlescent, golden, and even coppery or red highlights that are almost metallic in nature (as will many other furs).

Understanding this unique quirk of furs can be instrumental in creating an ensemble with subtle layers that deftly compliments itself.

If you’re wearing your coat out during the day you can make a real splash by coordinating your shades with the coat’s fur or trim.

Choose a pair of sunglasses from your collection which has bright metallic accents, or even better, reflective or mirror-coated lenses. Choose one in a color that complements the nature of the highlights in your coat’s fur.

For instance, pair silver mirror-coated lenses with white fox fur or even blue fox, golden or copper-reflective lenses with red fox, dark reflective lenses with black fox, and so on and so forth.

Handbags (Hardware)
Matching your handbag’s color with the predominant scheme of your fur’s aesthetic is only the first step. There are layers to fashion.

Take note of the metallic highlights of your fox fur, then coordinate these closely with your handbag’s hardware. The same general rule goes as above; silver highlights with blue or white (or even black or silver) fox fur, gold, copper or rose gold with red fox or tan or ruddy fox fur.

You can coordinate your jewelry with the highlights in your real fox fur coat, but don’t just stop at the precious metal.

The same observations apply here, but don’t miss a chance to coordinate with the stone, either. For instance, if you are wearing a pendant or ring set with a pearl, that will likely pair well with a white fox coat. Similarly, black pearl and onyx will pair well with black fur.

Some stones that pair well with red fox fur coats are rubies, tiger’s eye, garnets, carnelian, and red and yellow jasper. Light stones, such as opal, diamonds, calcite, and clear quartz will also likely look very nice with white fox fur, or even crystal fox.

Belts (Buckles)
If you’re wearing an ensemble with a prominent belt and buckle, here is one more opportunity to create a sense of color coordination between hardware and highlights.

Even demure belt buckles in gold, silver, or copper finishes can be coordinated with fox fur highlights. The basic rule to remember is to pair silver and darker highlights with black fox fur, lighter highlights with white fox, and warmer, earth tones with tan and red fox fur.

Maximilian: Your Venue for Luxury Furs
These tenets of coordinating with accessories and fur highlights apply not only to fox fur but also to other furs, such as mink fur, chinchilla fur, and rabbit fur, so whether you have a mink coat, fur vest, or fox fur hooded jacket, you can put these into practice.

All the same, if your wardrobe is rich in jewelry and accessories but not yet in fur, visit Maximilian.com. They carry a wide range of luxury fox fur coats, jackets, and accessories, as well as mink, chinchilla, sable, rabbit fur, and more.

Visit their website to learn more; a picture says a thousand words and we dare not sully the experience by attempting.

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