Outdoor Room Dividers: A Blank Canvas for Creativity

Who said room dividers were only for interior spaces? Sure, they can be a true ace-in-the-hole for shaking up interior design, offering privacy, hiding clutter, and creating cozy spaces – but they’re so effective, some homeowners just had to extend that creativity to outdoor entertaining.

Here are some of the most creative ways to use outdoor room dividers to the greatest effect.

Let There Be Light
What is an outdoor room divider but a mounting point for setting mood lights? Room dividers have joints and other points where it’s easy as pie to mount string lights, paper lanterns, and other forms of accent lighting.

This makes them the perfect backdrop for setting the mood with soft, warm lighting,

Here’s another creative tip – instead of festooning the room divider itself, simply drape string lights across the space between two opposing room dividers (or between a divider and a wall) creating a luminous “ceiling.”

No Trellis? No Problem
Do you love greenery, but don’t have a trellis (or don’t feel like buying or building one?) No problem – your outdoor room divider will work just fine.

Seed your climbing vines into the ground off the patio and train the vines up the divider (or arrange pots at the base of the divider). Then, coach your vines to follow the traces of the divider, creating a living arrangement.

Many climbing plants will flourish in this manner, including but not limited to clematis, morning glories, climbing roses, sweet peas, beans, and honeysuckles.

Bring the Birds, Blooms, Bees, and Butterflies
The great thing about using an outdoor room divider as a surrogate trellis is that it gives you an opportunity to invite colorful birds, butterflies, and even bees.

The plants provide both food and shelter for insects, which will attract birds to your outdoor area; moreover, select flowers will attract butterflies and possibly even hummingbirds (although, you could just hang a red hummingbird feeder up in the warm months; that will draw them in, too).

Decorate Through the Seasons
Finally, don’t forget that your room divider offers endless opportunities for decorating throughout the seasons.

Live by the coast? Drape a net over a corner of your divider and decorate it with shells and maritime trinkets.

In the fall, decorate your divider with wreaths of colorful leaves or gourds. In the winter, decorate it with garlands and hang ornaments, lights, and other seasonal ever-greenery.

In the spring and earlier summer, you can go full red-white-and-blue in the decoration of your outdoor divider, in observance of Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

The sky’s the limit – you are bounded only by your creativity.

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