In Search of a New (Tropical) Home? Don’t Overlook These Grand Cayman Residential Areas

Grand Cayman, the largest and most developed of the Cayman Islands, is home to a vibrant culture, fine dining, exclusive shopping, rich history, natural beauty, and most importantly, friendly Caymanians – plenty of good reasons to pay us a visit or purchase a home here. 

If you’re considering buying a new home in a tropical location and are considering Cayman Islands property for sale, here are a few residential areas in Grand Cayman not to overlook in your journey. 

1. Seven Mile Beach and the Seven Mile Beach Corridor
Seven Mile Beach, or SMB, is in many ways the quintessence of Grand Cayman. Only a short drive north from George Town, Seven Mile Beach pairs a rich, active lifestyle with the laid-back feel of a beach town. The peace of sea and sand is only a short trip from the bustle of city life, and Seven Mile Beach is home to numerous luxury condominium complexes. The Seven Mile Beach Corridor also features beautiful canal and water front homes and condos.

2. Camana Bay 
A 600-acre planned community that is right in the vicinity of Seven Mile Beach, Camana Bay features apartment and condominium complexes that are only a short walk from dining, shopping, and other amenities. Walkability is key in Camana Bay, but it is still only a short drive from George Town. 

3. East End & Queen’s Highway 
Not to be confused with the East  Point of Little Cayman (which goes by a similar name) Grand Cayman’s East End is one of the less developed areas of the island. 

East End’s removal from the urbanization of George Town and Bodden Town has preserved its small town, authentic Caribbean feel, giving the area a strong sense of identity. 

Queen’s Highway lies along the northeastern portion of East End and is a quiet community that offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, both on land and off the coast. 

If you’re looking for a quiet, relatively secluded getaway on Grand Cayman, East End may be the ticket. 

4. West Bay 
Just north of Seven Mile Beach is West Bay; being slightly farther removed from SMB and George Town, the area has historically been slightly more affordable. It also features numerous homes and condominium developments on and near the water – making this spot ideal for those who like to be near, but not in, the city. 

5. North Side
North Side, between Bodden Town and East End, is known for its expansive access to the sea. Many homes in North Side are only a short distance from the water and sea vistas are commonplace. 

6. Rum Point 
Located in the district of North Side, and a short trip across the water from SMB and George Town, is Rum Point, known for its spectacular luxury beach front homes and villas. In addition to its peerless luxury properties, Rum Point is known for two other things: its proximity to North Side and East End, giving it a quieter feel, and its fine dining. 

7. South Sound 
While we’re not specifically including George Town on this list, South Sound, which lies just to the south of George Town, offers a quieter feel than the city, while preserving a central location. It offers a quieter feel, with plenty of residential homes and small shops and remains right at the heart of Grand Cayman.

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