Aftermarket or OEM Honda Talon Accessories and Parts: Arguments for Each

Some mechanics (probably those that work for a dealership) would swear up and down that you should never use aftermarket parts in a vehicle and should only partner with an official (or licensed provider) to make repairs.

Some UTV owners are more intrepid, though, and aftermarket parts and accessories are very common in the Powersports market. So let’s take a look at what the advantages are of both OEM and aftermarket Honda Talon accessories and parts.

In Favor of Honda OEM Parts
For one thing, Honda is a successful motor company that has been in business continuously for over 70 years, since 1948.

Honda OEM parts, like any OEM parts, are likely to come with a manufacturer guarantee or warranty. We won’t paint with a broad stroke here because this will vary by part and manufacturer, but it is commonplace.

Also, some manufacturers state in their warranties that only OEM parts should be used when making repairs or during routine service. That’s another reason some people lean on them.

There is also the advantage of the fact that OEM parts are made by the same company that produced the vehicle in question and are made specifically to fit that model of vehicle.

They are also often guaranteed to work as advertised, which lets riders buy with peace of mind.

But, there are some shortcomings to OEM parts. Let’s take a look at where aftermarket parts have the advantage and why they are so prevalent in the Powersports industry.

The Case for Aftermarket Honda Talon Accessories and Parts
One of the main reasons that aftermarket manufacturers have gained a lot of popularity among powersports fans is that aftermarket parts offer so much more versatility and flexibility in making customizations than original equipment manufacturers do.

For instance, there are aftermarket parts available for cars and UTVs that are similar in dimension and specification to OEM parts, but there are others that are unique. Another big draw of aftermarket parts is that they are often substantially more affordable than OEM parts.

Since there may be many aftermarket producers of a given (or similar) part, there is often much greater availability. Also, there are more aftermarket parts producers for many different models of vehicles and only one official OEM producer – the parent company itself.

However, cost and availability aside, one of the biggest advantages of aftermarket Honda Talon accessories and parts has to be the wide range of options.

Aftermarket parts producers such as Spike Power Sports, Seizmik, and Super ATV manufacture equipment that is not only high-quality but designed by and for people that are passionate about riding.

Many of their parts and accessories – such as polycarbonate roofs, skid plates, doors and inserts, and spring kits, enable Honda Talon owners to make customizations and upgrades to their UTVs that Honda itself does not.

So, in a sense, the greatest contributor to the popularity of aftermarket parts among UTV owners is likely the flexibility it gives them in terms of customizability and performance – and on top of that, many of these aftermarket manufacturers are exceptionally well-respected among riders for the quality of the parts they produce.

Where Can You Get Them?
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