Acorn Repair Parts: Vacuum Plumbing System

If you’re looking for innovative plumbing solutions for industrial, commercial, or correctional facilities but the availability of replacement parts is one of your considerations, you’d be glad to know that Acorn repair parts for their vacuum plumbing system, an innovative plumbing solution, are as readily available as any in the market.

Let’s talk about vacuum plumbing technology.

What Is Vacuum Plumbing System?
AcornVac vacuum plumbing is one of the best alternatives to gravity waste plumbing systems that use both gravity and vacuum pressure to transport waste from toilets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures via a piping system that can be directed above the ground.

It is very similar to the gravity plumbing system. The service lines for hot and cold water are identical.

In a vacuum system, the drainage lines are under negative pressure, allowing them to be much smaller in diameter and flow vertically up the walls and across the ceiling cavity to a centralized collection tank system.

Vacuum plumbing removes design constraints, does not necessitate a continuous drainage slope, and essentially eliminates slab coring and trenching.

These benefits result in a 70 percent reduction in building costs and a 70 percent reduction in water consumption.

But an AcornVac vacuum system has more benefits. That brings us to the next item.

Benefits of Vacuum Plumbing System
Here are some of the benefits of AcornVac vacuum plumbing system.

● Saves Water
Each flush of the AcornVac toilet requires 2 liters of water. The costs of water and sewage disposal are drastically lowered because of this. Sewer connection fees may be lowered as well.

● Construction Layout Flexibility
The Vacuum Plumbing System can be set up either horizontally or vertically.
Because it does not necessitate a constant slope, it can be done vertically. This
offers layout and design flexibility in both new construction and renovation projects.

● Reduces Construction Costs
The vacuum piping network is usually made up of smaller diameter pipes. Smaller pipes and fittings can save you money on materials and labor.

AcornVac can also reduce:

  • up to 70% of the materials and labor costs related to venting stacks
  • up to a 60% reduction in trenching costs
  • All costs linked with waste grinding and pumping stations.

● Easy to Maintain
A vacuum plumbing system results in cleaner pipe chases, which makes maintenance easy. Also, because vacuum plumbing employs differential pressure to transport waste, there are fewer mainline blockages too. Blockages that occur can also be located easily.

● Provides Security for Prison Institutions
In a correctional facility setting, a vacuum plumbing system also means security. Each vacuum plumbing can be isolated and there is no need for cross-connection between cells.

What Are the Parts of Vacuum Plumbing System
The Vacuum Center has vacuum pumps, waste collection tanks, as well as controls to automate the process. Waste is collected from fixtures to the waste collection tanks through a vacuum piping system.

Waste is temporarily stored at the vacuum center before they are discharged to the main sewer line or treatment facilities. The vacuum system typically also includes sewage grinders and discharge pumps to transport waste from the collection tank to the sewage system.

So if you’re thinking state-of-the-art plumbing system, Acorn’s AcornVac plumbing system is the answer. With a system that’s easy to maintain, you aren’t likely to buy repair and replacement parts for a very long time too.

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