3 Romantic Fragrances To Wear This Holiday Season

The months between autumn and winter usually see a rise in new couples getting together and relationships getting taken to the next level. Maybe it has to do with the colder temperatures, or maybe it’s just those end-of-the-year vibes; whatever it is, there’s no denying that the holiday season is one of the most romantic times of the year.

Looking to get into the mood? Here are a few flirty and romantic fragrance recommendations from Scent Split:

Love – by Kilian
Also known as “Love, don’t be shy”, Love by Kilian exudes sheer, joyous romance at first sight. The perfume comes in by Kilian’s signature squared glass bottle as a blush pink concoction that instantly gives off a sweet feeling with the first spray. Top notes for this fragrance include bergamot, coriander, neroli and pink pepper, evoking the exhilarating feeling of a first crush. The heart is a floral bouquet composed of honeysuckle, iris, jasmine, orange blossom, and rose. This addictive scent is made all the more luscious by sweet notes of caramel, marshmallow sugar accord, and vanilla.

Multi-awarded performer and cosmetics mogul Rihanna is known for wearing Love by Kilian so often that it’s practically become her signature scent. It is one of by Kilian’s most iconic fragrances, and has since spawned multiple interpretations that share its DNA, including Love, don’t be shy – Rose & Oud, Love, don’t be shy Extreme, and Love, don’t be shy Eau Fraîche.

Love, don’t be shy and other scents in the Love by Kilian series can be found on Scent Split.

Eau Rose – Diptyque
Eau Rose is Diptyque’s tribute to the rose, the flower that most of us associate with love and romance. In this rose-forward fragrance, Rose damascena and Rose centifolia are emphasized and supported by the freshness of geranium and jasmine. Fruity accords of bergamot, black currant, and litchi provide a playful perspective off the top. The base notes are sweet but mysteriously so, carrying notes of white honey, musk, and Virginia cedar.

This scent is for the rose purists, the ones who enjoy walking through flower gardens or buying rose bouquets for themselves or their loved ones. Light and fresh, it’s an instant mood-lifter that will immediately have you dreaming about your next new love.

Eau Rose and other fragrances from Diptyque are available on Scent Split in decant sizes for sampling.

Young Rose – Byredo
One of the pitfalls of many rose-heavy fragrances is that they can come off a bit dated. Young Rose avoids that entirely. It is Byredo’s representation of youthful restlessness, using a classic ingredient that has been ubiquitous in perfume for centuries, but imbuing it with freshness and aplomb to create a firmly modern yet romantic scent for the 21st century woman.

Damascena rose (Damask rose) oil is the intensely romantic heart of the scent, freshened up by dewy orris. The top notes of Young Rose are spicy, fiery Sichuan pepper and Ambrette seeds. These are all supported by a foundation of grounding musk and ambroxan.

Young Rose, as well as other rose-forward fragrances from Byredo, are available in decant sample sizes at Scent Split.

Get in the mood for love today by sampling niche fragrances, all available on Scent Split. They also carry scents from other independent and well-known perfumeries such as Roja Parfums and Tom Ford.

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