TOTO’s CEFIONTECT Technology Is Changing Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Commercial plumbers providers would do well to take note of the technological advances that are constantly in motion in their sphere. These can have great impacts not only on the lifespan of plumbing fixtures but can implicate great costs (or cost savings) for their customers.

Case in point: TOTO’s CEFIONTECT technology, which is revolutionizing the world of commercial toilets and other commercial plumbing fixtures.

CEFIONTECT is just one entry in a long line of groundbreaking technological achievements TOTO has delivered to the world of commercial plumbing in the 100 (and more) years since its inception.

Specifically, CEFIONTECT is a proprietary chemical treatment that quite literally keeps toilets cleaner for longer.

CEFIONTECT is a meticulously crafted ceramic glaze that is applied to select TOTO ceramic fixtures and leaves them with a super-slick barrier on the surface.

Fixtures treated with CEFIONTECT are not only physically very smooth, but they are also electrically protected by a charged ionic barrier that remains on their surface long after the treatment.

These two features electrically and mechanically make it exceptionally difficult for waste and other particulate matter to adhere to the surface of ceramics treated with it.

It is also important to note that TOTO bakes this layer onto relevant treated ceramics. It is not simply painted on. Therefore, the layer is applied in a permanent fashion that can’t be easily “worn away.”

It is a permanent solution to the problem of stubborn waste adherence. Simply put, select TOTO fixtures treated with CEFIONTECT will stay cleaner for longer.

But on top of the obvious benefits, how is this changing the industry and benefiting the world?

Why It Makes Such an Impactful Difference
Fixtures that stay cleaner for longer are a significant bonus for commercial buildings for two very important reasons.

One is that commercial property managers are tasked with keeping their facilities clean. This requires an immense amount of workforce management, human capital, and coordination.

Sanitary workers and skilled janitorial staff are an investment and their services can be expensive. Liberating them from the near-constant need to keep certain fixtures clean diverts their assets to more pressing tasks.

In this manner facility managers can leverage greater use of their staff’s skills, time, and abilities, saving money and gaining efficiency.

But there is more to this than meets the eye. Less frequent cleanings do not only result in financial recuperation for commercial properties; they also benefit the environment and by extension all of society.

TOTO’s CEFIONTECT treatment also means that it’s harder for particulate matter to cling to these fixtures, and reduces the porosity of the porcelain. As a result, when cleaning is necessary, fewer harsh cleaning agents need to be used.

The ultimate result of that is that less harsh cleaning agents find their way into commercial plumbing systems and then, from there, ultimately, into our waterways.

The end result? CEFIONTECT saves money in commercial spaces by optimizing labor utility and preserves the global environment by reducing the net release of harsh cleaning agents into the water supply.

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