Fun Birthday Ideas for Active Kids

Planning a fun birthday for a kid that can’t seem to sit still? If you have a more active and energetic child, you probably want a birthday that’s more than just knocking around a pinata and eating pizza. Luckily there are a ton of fun activities out there to make their birthday party more lively and keep everyone entertained.

Rock Climbing
A rock climbing birthday party is all about challenge and adventure. Find an indoor rock climbing gym that hosts birthday parties in your area, like Reach Climbing. There will be trained staff around to ensure every kid is safe as they rock climb and take part in a variety of party games.

What’s great about facilities like Reach Climbing is that they offer rock climbing birthday packages that include pizza and drinks too. Talk about the perfect way to keep your little one busy!

Rock climbing also teaches children a lot of important lessons in determination, coordination, and confidence. It also helps them improve their strength, balance, and problem solving skills. But it’s all while having a super fun time!

Mini Golf
Looking for a fun, organized activity with a bit of competition? Mini golf is a great outdoor activity that can transform any tournament into a tournament or challenge! With its fun courses and colorful balls, mini golf is a great backdrop for a vibrant party with ice cream and mini-games. Whoever wins the mini golf tournament can receive a themed prize, bringing it all together.

Ninja Obstacle Course
Running, climbing, jumping… Ninja obstacle courses truly test your kid’s skills, endurance, and reaction times. Have you ever watched American Ninja Warrior? A ninja birthday party at Reach Climbing features obstacles similar to the ones you’d find on the challenging Ninja Warrior course, testing their balance, coordination, and teamwork — all under the watchful eye of a skilled staff member. It also comes with pizza for when all the little ninjas work up an appetite!

Roller Skating
If you want to have a themed party, this is a great way to do so! Have everyone dress up like they’re in the 80s or in other fun costumes and then head to the local skating rink to glide around to some music. Most roller skating places will also have songs and activities for the birthday kid, so let them know beforehand.

If your kid has a strong imagination, you may want to try out live action role playing! Whether they’re dressed up as knights or Mario characters, this is a fun way for everyone to run around outside while working together towards an objective. Have your kid decide on the theme and then create a quest for them to complete. Like Dungeons & Dragons, you can have fun side quests and characters for them to meet along the way, giving them fun challenges to complete together on their adventure.

Water Park
A trip to an amusement park or water park is always a fun time for hyperactive kids. Bring along some other adults as chaperones and head over to a local amusement park to go on some rides, eat some fair food, and enjoy the fun activities. Depending on the park, it could be fun to have everyone coordinate their outfits.

Another great park-related idea is the zoo or aquarium. Pack some sunblock and snacks and head to the nearest zoo for a fun day of animal watching. Some zoos also have fun, little activities like petting zoos or parrot shows. You can also reserve special activities beforehand like penguin feeding.

Go Kart Racing
If you have a kid with a competitive spirit, this is a fun way to have everyone get together for a friendly competition. Go karting is especially a lot of fun for kids that love cars, trains, and other modes of transportation. Prepare some prizes ahead of time and get ready for an action-packed day on the tracks.

Looking to plan the perfect party? From a rock climbing birthday party to a mini golf challenge, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate your kid’s next milestone! If we had to pick just one option from this list, we would have to go with a rock climbing birthday celebration. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, we recommend Reach Climbing.

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