How Old Do You Need to Be to Play Airsoft? [Plus Some Good Beginner Airsoft Guns]

We can’t speak for the – interesting – state laws in some areas of the country, but at the federal level, there is no minimum age requirement to play airsoft. 

This means it is up to the discretion of the parent to determine whether or not their child is responsible and mature enough to handle airsoft guns and gear safely and appropriately. 

Note: Check with the Organizer of the Airsoft Event 
To be clear: while there are no legal requirements for a minimum age for airsoft, participation in an airsoft event may be regulated by the organizer. 

For instance, some airsoft event organizers may set their own minimum age requirements. It is also required that players under the age of 18 have full face protection (that is, a face mask instead of goggles) in order to be allowed to play. 

When in doubt, consult the organizer of the event. 

Good Beginner AEGs 
If you’re thinking about getting into airsoft (or your child is) one of the most important investments you will need to make is in your AEG, or automatic electric gun. 

This is your standard “airsoft infantry rifle.” Some players might choose airsoft sniper rifles or airsoft shotguns, but for the more part, your airsoft “everyman” is going to play with an AEG. 

These are some good beginner choices: 

● G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider (A.K.A. G&G CM16 Raider):
The G&G Raider just might be the best beginner airsoft rifle of all time. A lightweight-but-tough polymer receiver, full metal internals (including an upgradeable V2 gearbox), an adjustable stock, and plenty of room for mounting attachments on its quad rail system make this a fan favorite. Oh, and there’s the price: at less than $200, it’s an absolute steal. 

● G&G ARP9:
Plenty of things that make the G&G Raider popular also make the G&G ARP9 a top choice in high-quality airsoft AEGs. It delivers a high rate of fire, is lightweight, features the same quality internal and external parts – and most importantly, is super-compact. Its snub-nosed design is also perfect for intense close-quarters battling (CQB).

● Lancer Tactical Gen 3 M4 AEG (10” KeyMod):
Lancer Tactical also offers a lot of high-value airsoft rifles, and the Gen 3 M4 AEG with a 10” KeyMod handguard is a great choice. Top perks included a 19k motor, metal tooth piston, and 18:1 gears, as well as a quick-change spring guide and programmable ETU that delivers an exceptionally crisp trigger response.

Good Beginner Sidearms 
After you choose a good AEG, it’s time to pick out a sidearm – that is, an airsoft pistol. Most airsoft pistols are gas-blowback models, and some of the best are the following: 

● Glock GBB Pistols:
Elite Force and Umarex make some really high-quality (and officially licensed) Glock airsoft replicas with high-quality polymer parts. They have pretty low capacities, but they are lightweight, fast, and handle well.

● Hi Capa Pistols:
There are several different producers of Hi Capa airsoft pistols (notably Tokyo Marui) which are designed after M1911 pistols. They’re a little older-looking (and can be generally heavier) than Glock replicas, but they definitely tough and reliable, and accept a wide range of upgrade Hi Capa parts.

● Action Army AAP-01:
The Action Army AAP-01 is taking the airsoft world by storm. Light, durable, and extremely fast, the AAP-01 is capable of both semi and fully-automatic fire and can hit muzzle velocities of around 300-330 FPS while firing up to 28 RPS in full-auto mode. That’s blazing fast. Plus, these snappy airsoft pistols are compatible with Glock-style mags and accept a wide range of upgrade parts.

These Beginner Airsoft Guns (And More)
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