Most common payroll mistakes every employer must know

The most crucial aspect of payroll management is to ensure that your employees get the correct payments in time in compliance with all laws. While this can appear daunting in bigger establishments with larger headcounts, fortunately, the right tools and resources can help achieve this goal effectively with the least errors possible. Here let us discuss a few most common payroll errors you must avoid.

Misclassification of employees
If the employees are misclassified, it can lead to incorrect pays – either overpay or underpay. One of the common areas in which this can happen is an incorrect decision regarding if an employee must be exempt from overtime. Classifying non-exempt employees will result in FLSA related fines as well as employees missing out on their earnings. One another area where a classification error can happen is considering an individual as a contractor or an employee. Misclassification can lead to mistrust among employees. It can also cost a lot of money for your organization. Therefore, you must take steps to avoid this mistake through all possible measures.

Miscalculation of payments
Any employee is sure to get frustrated with an incorrect paycheck. Especially this is true when the miscalculation results in missed payments. This situation can also amount to wasting a lot of valuable time on investigation and rectification of errors outside of the regular payment cycle. Usually organizations take between two and ten days to resolve an error in payroll. During the meantime, the employees can get frustrated and might find it difficult to pay their bills.

Missing out on employee work hours and overtime
If the overtime is logged incorrectly, it can result in incorrect overtime payments. The result can be corrections spanning over multiple tax years. It takes quite a lot of time to correct these errors and such situations can prove to be highly unsettling for the employees. While underpayment due to such reasons can lead to the employee missing out on paying their bills, overpaying will lead to the hassles of the employee having to make a refund of the excess amount paid.

Problems with record keeping
If the payroll process is inefficient and unorganized, it can lead to a real disaster. Relying much on manual data entry, paper based processes, and plain excel spreadsheets for payroll management can lead to errors that will be very difficult to correct. If the records are disorganized, it will be very difficult to follow-up on actions that will need urgent attention. If you rely on manual systems for payroll management, you will have to be answerable for the mistakes done by your staff.

Why hire the services of payroll companies
Contract the best payroll companies Australia to entrust your payroll management. This can help save on the staff salaries and also help achieve efficiency and professionalism across payroll management. These companies have the right kind of talented and experienced manpower, software resources and the right kind of processes to manage payroll in the most effective way than you will possibly imagine.

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