These pruning mistakes can kill your trees

There are different reasons to prune a tree. Only when you know why you must prune a tree, it is possible to avoid the mistakes that can in fact harm your tree. Some of the reasons for tree pruning include reducing the size of the tree to required dimensions, removal of obstructions, opening up the tree canopy, enhancing the shape of the tree, removing the damaged or dead growth and others.

Whatever may be your reasons for pruning a tree, it must be done with enough care so that the tree remains healthy and continues to grow properly. Here are some common pruning mistakes that can kill your trees and hence you must avoid.

Pruning during the wrong time
Pruning during the wrong season can do more harm than good to your tree. The best time to prune trees is winter since this is the dormant season for most plants. Pruning a tree during this time can be less stressful for the tree. When pruned before the start of spring, trees can heal quickly and prepare for budding.

Improper pruning
Improper pruning of trees refers to harmful cutting styles like heading cuts, lion tailing, flush cuts, and stub cuts. Improper pruning like flush cuts can end up removing the branch collar of the tree which is necessary to develop a seal over the pruned segment. Flush cut can open up the chances for pathogens and pests to enter the pruned part and damage the plant or even kill it.

Not using the right pruning tools
The most common types of pruning tools include loppers, pruning shears, chain saws and pruning saws. For larger branches, you must use more powerful tools. If you attempt to hack your way through a 3-inch branch with a lopper, you are only heading to get frustrated and butcher a branch in a way making it vulnerable to pests and diseases. All the cutting tools you use must be tuned properly and must be chosen rightly according to the plant’s size.

Often, tree pruning is not a DIY job
The truth is that tree pruning like many others is not a DIY job. It must be approached and accomplished in the proper way so that the purpose is served in the best manner without harming the tree in any way. Therefore, it is best to leave the task to professionals. Tree trimming Kansas City MO services provide expert tree pruning services at a nominal pricing.

Why hire a professional tree trimming company
Professional tree trimming Kansas City MO companies are well experienced in tree pruning and other tasks related to tree maintenance. They have the necessary tools, technology, strategies and processes to prune the trees so that the process does not result in harming the trees. Also, by hiring the tree pruning services, you avoid the risk of any injuries or damage to property nearby. Look for accomplished tree pruning services and hire them for your tree pruning needs to avail of a professional tree pruning service.

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