Acorn Bathroom Parts Replacement and Renovation Mistakes

Looking to replace your Acorn bathroom parts with a newer or different model? Before you do, take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make when renovating bathrooms so you can, hopefully, avoid them.

1.Setting Unrealistic Budget
Look at your budget and either aim to spend 10 to 20 percent less or expect to spend more. Renovations typically cost more and last longer than most initial estimates. So allow for a budget cushion of 10 to 20 percent more than initial budget estimates.

If you have a limited budget, set and stick to it. Do not set an unrealistic budget that you can neither follow nor afford.

2.Ignoring Small Issues
What may seem minor may turn into something big if ignored. So any time you see an issue that needs fixing, deal with it right away.

When you’re renovating restrooms, unexpected plumbing issues are common. If it needs fixing, fix it even if you didn’t account for it. You’ll save money in the long run.

3.Buying Cheap
When it comes to restroom renovations, you can scrimp on tiles but you shouldn’t with plumbing fixtures. So if your old Acorn bathroom parts have to go, replace them with newer models.

If you think you can buy cheap to save money, think again. You may save money now if you save on plumbing fixture costs, but you would spend more on repair in the future.

When it comes to plumbing parts and fixtures, the “you get what you pay for” is generally true.

4.Ordering the Wrong Materials
If you’re renovating high-traffic restrooms or restrooms with high vandalism rates, order materials that are durable and are made specifically to counter damages and vandals.

Your Acorn restroom parts are durable and built to last a lifetime. They are perfect for commercial and institutional restrooms with high usage and vandalism occurrence. Focus on what you need and the users who will use the restroom.

5.Going for an Aesthetic Update Instead of a Full Renovation
Bringing your building’s outdated and old restrooms into the modern era may take more than a few cosmetic updates.

When the restroom needs major structural changes or installation of new plumbing risers, and other restroom fixtures, a full renovation is needed.

Economizing on upgrade expenses and settling for a fresh coat of paint or a replacement of old faucets may cost you more later than a full renovation now.

Likewise, if there are leaks, especially if you don’t know where they’re coming from, opting for a full remodeling is wiser.

In a building with hundreds of plumbing fixtures, looking for the source of the problem can take weeks.

These leaks, if not addressed, may cause structural damage to your building and that will leave you with more problems and construction expenses.

If the building is old, aging systems and failing fixtures are normal. A full renovation is always better than a cosmetic upgrade.

6.Not Upgrading the Plumbing System
If a full renovation is needed, don’t forget to upgrade the plumbing system that complies with the current plumbing codes.

The regulations from when you first constructed your building will be different from the regulations today.

This will also help you save on utility expenses as plumbing codes address water efficiency issues.

Mistakes Can Be Costly!
Commercial property renovation is costly, but you can keep the expenses down by avoiding the above mistakes.

Doing your remodeling right the first time can save you tons of money. So do your research, correctly assess the problems, and then decide on the best solution for your budget.

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