What an Everpure H54 Cartridge Will Protect Against

When it comes to safeguarding your home’s or business’s water against threats lurking in the plumbing lines, there are few better solutions than an Everpure drinking water system.

Specifically, a system that accepts Everpure H54 cartridges can remove a wide range of harmful materials from a potable water supply, before you use it for drinking, cooking, or even with a machine like an ice machine or espresso maker.

Particulate Matter, Dirt, and Rust
Everpure H54 cartridges feature exclusive “Micro-Pure” filtering material that coats the pleated material inside the cartridge.

This material is effective at removing particulate matter down to 1/50,000th of an inch. Removing sediments, dirt, and rust from a drinking water supply is a cinch for an Everpure H54.

Moreover, these filter cartridges can assist with alleviating turbidity – that is, dirt and cloudiness – from your water.

Oxidized Iron and Manganese
You may not be able to taste dissolved oxidized manganese and iron, but traces of these can leave unsightly brown and off-colored stains on your fixtures.

While not necessarily dangerous, the stains these minerals leave can be very difficult to remove and can adversely affect the quality and value of your home or business.

Even though plumbing pipes have not been made with lead for a long time, sometimes pipes that come in contact with lead-bearing solder become contaminated and lead leaches into the water supply.

It is no secret that lead in drinking water can be a severe concern and lead contamination can both cause and aggravate a wide range of health complications.

Removing it can also be tricky – but not for an H54 cartridge, which exceeds both Standard 53 Health requirements for the removal of lead from drinking water, removing up to 99.1% – and delivering cleaner, purer water downstream.

Chlorine Taste and Odor
Chlorine is often added to water supplies to combat the growth of microbes and parasites. As it works its magic, it breaks down into molecules known as chloramines.

These are the harsh, astringent compounds that are responsible for that unpleasant “chlorine taste and odor” that are sometimes associated with swimming pools.

They are not much more pleasant in drinking water.

However, Everupure H54 cartridges are Standard 42 certified for the removal of chlorine taste and odor (aesthetic remediation) from drinking water, removing up to 96.8%.

Select Parasitic Cysts, Mold, and Algae
Parasitic cysts, such as those of Cryptosporidium and Giardia, are not particularly uncommon in freshwater and can make people gravely ill.

Moreover, the same can be said for mold and algae; even when mold and algae do not pose a distinct threat to health, they can discolor water and result in unpleasant tastes and odors. It’s generally safest to filter them out.

Fortunately, Everpure H54 cartridges can remove them.

Limescale is also a concern which Everpure H54 cartridges can help remediate. Limescale, which is the product (predominantly) of dissolved magnesium and calcium in a water supply (hard water) can leave unsightly stains on plumbing fixtures, serving ware, and flatware.

Worst of all, limescale can accumulate in the lines of ice machines, espresso machines, and other machines that use water, causing extensive damage that is costly to repair.

Fortunately, an Everpure H54 cartridge can substantially combat scale build up.

Additional Information: Where You Can Get Your H54 Filter Cartridge
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Visit their website for more information, check out the spec sheets on their product pages, and get in touch with them at Info@efilters.net if you have any questions.

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