6 Great Office Plants for Skinny Planters

Are you thinking about rearranging your office’s interior decor to create a more modern, beneficial environment for all of your employees and patrons?

Adding plants into the mix can be a great way to fill natural voids and negative space, mediate volume, regulate humidity, and even release oxygen into the air while helping to filter out pollutants like volatile organic compounds.

And, if you’re somewhat space-limited and are thinking about decorating with skinny planters, these are some plants that will probably flourish in your office, even with minimal care.

Many species of bromeliads will flourish in both shade and bright indirect light, making them quite suitable for a wide range of office conditions.

Bromeliads usually take a long time to bloom, but once they do, they need fairly little maintenance. They need very little fertilizer and don’t need to be watered frequently, typically requiring a soaking once per week in the summer and once per three weeks in the winter.

Plus, unlike the other plants on this list, they can fill your space with bright, tropical colors.

Dracaena, with its long, thin leaves, is a handsome plant that can make an excellent addition to any setting.

But what really makes them great for office spaces (and skinny planters, particularly) is that they develop a tough, thick root system – even in small pots.

This makes them very resistant to wilting, and the plants can tolerate dry conditions for a long time. Perfect for offices in which there might not be a lot of bandwidth to tend to the greenery!

Sansevieria, also known as the snake plant, has long, vertical, roughly blade-shaped leaves. They are often starkly colored, and some cultivars have brilliant leaf margins that create a pleasant contrast.

But what really makes snake plants a great addition to offices that thave decorated with skinny planters: they’re extremely hardy, thrive in low-light conditions, and don’t need a lot of water or fertilizer. Beautiful and easy to care for!

4.ZZ Plant
Also known by its proper name, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, ZZ plants are fairly easy to care for, with thick stalks and roots that retain water even through long, dry periods.

Another great thing about the ZZ plant – which it shares in common with the snake plant, is that it can tolerate – even thrive in – low light conditions and needs very little fertilizer, if any!

5.Aloe Vera
This one will need a little more light and water, but it can make a great, practical addition to office space!

These plants do best with indirect light – so by a window is best – and don’t need to be watered frequently, just deeply. Allow the soil almost to dry out between watering.

Plus, the best part is they can flourish in narrow planters, and of course, you can harvest the larger leaves for their thick gel which can be used to treat burns and cuts, if you so please.

6.Spider Plants
Spider plants, with their starkly contrasting leaves of light and dark green, are colorful and easy to care for. They can tolerate low light conditions but will need to be watered more frequently than most of the other plants on this list.

Other than that, though, they’re pretty much maintenance-free plants!

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