Egress Window Repair— What is it and Why You Might Need it?

Egress Basement Window

Egress windows are critical if you live in an area where storms are expected, or you have kids who like to explore—they need an emergency exit in case there’s ever a fire in your home. What is egress window repair? If you have an old home or building, you may find that some of your windows need repairs if they are still in good shape structurally but don’t open or close well anymore. What type of repairs do you need to make, and how much will it cost? This comprehensive guide provides everything you need to know about egress window repair!

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So what does the word egress mean? 

Well, it’s probably not something that comes up in your everyday conversations, but if you own a house or other building, you should know what it means and why it’s so important for your window repair needs. For those unfamiliar with the term, egress means a way out of an area or space that allows people to leave safely – and windows are generally equipped with them for safety reasons.

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5 Reasons Why You Need an Egress Window Repair

With an egress window repair, you are making your home safer and better protected from the elements, but there are other benefits. That’s why you must take the time to figure out whether or not your home has any problems with its egress windows and fix them promptly when you find any issues. Here are five reasons you don’t want to ignore an egress window repair issue in your home!

Poor Soil Grading

Egress windows should be set at a higher level than the surrounding ground, and the grade of the soil should be sloped away from the opening. Many egress windows are installed at or below grade or with the grade that slopes into the window because builders don’t take the time to grade the land surrounding the property correctly. The issue is that egress windows are required by code to allow for an above-ground exit from a dwelling, which is not the case here. Egress windows located below ground level are more likely to become clogged with debris and dirt over time, making it more challenging to open the window in an emergency.

Improper Installation

One of the main causes of egress window failure is faulty installation. Essentially, you are working on a project affecting your home’s waterproofing and structural integrity, so it should be dealt with maximum precision and attention. To install basement egress windows, a sizable hole must be dug into your house’s foundation, which presents several challenges in waterproofing. You must hire a contractor with the expertise and tools to do the job. To get through foundation walls, egress builders often have to make two separate cuts, once from the exterior and again from the interior.

Weakened Foundation

When egress window wells aren’t secured properly to the house’s base, they might begin to shift. Unfortunately, the metal framework of window wells can begin to separate from the foundation if they are put hastily, if the backfill isn’t done correctly, and if the wells aren’t properly drained. In the worst cases, it can lead to water pooling adjacent to the foundation, soil infiltration into the window well, and structural damage to the foundation in the form of cracks and holes. All these can lead to more serious structural problems in your brand-new house. When a window well separates from the house’s foundation, it’s time to call in a professional egress window repair service before it’s too late! 

Inadequate Drainage System

It is important to connect your egress window and wells to the water drainage system of the house. Because water from rain or sprinklers will inevitably fill your window well, you must provide a mechanism for it to drain. The drain in a well will become clogged with soil and debris if it isn’t installed properly or placed too low in the well. If your contractor’s design plans don’t include a window well drain, that’s a red flag. Heavy rains can quickly fill the well if your basement has an egress window, creating enough pressure to force the window out of the frame and flooding your basement. 

Low-quality Materials

Whether you’re installing egress windows yourself or have hired a professional, you have to ensure that the materials used in the installation process are durable and can thrive in extreme temperatures. Using high-quality materials also helps to improve the aesthetics of your home. Many different materials can be used to construct egress windows and window wells. Common building materials include railroad ties, corrugated metal, and plastic/vinyl composites that have already been molded. The primary purpose of a well cover is to prevent clogging of the good drain by dirt and other particles. A well-fitting window well cover will keep debris like leaves and grass clippings out of the well and animals.

How much Does an Egress Window Cost? 

The national average for installing an egress window in a home is from $1,100 to $5,500 in the US. Casement egress windows, for instance, are typically less expensive. Keep in mind that the average price of labor is $38 per hour while installing windows. Your final cost will depend on variables, such as the type of window you choose and whether or not additional fees are incurred for site preparation or permissions. It will be quite expensive to install an egress window if you need the ground outside the window to be excavated. If the opening already exists, doing an egress window repair or replacement will not be too heavy on the pocket!


Egress windows are an integral part of your home, ensuring your family’s safety while adding more value to your property. However, these windows are prone to be damaged for many reasons, so getting them repaired on time is very important!

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