Why Golfers Should Have Golf Bags Custom Tailored to Their Needs

You can’t play with the same shafts as the guy next to you at the driving range. Well, you might be able to – but that’s a matter of chance.

He or she might have a faster swing than you, be taller than you, or be swinging a heavier club head that requires a shaft with a lower torque rating.

You get the picture.

So if shafts and club heads should be tailored to your needs, why should a golf bag be?

Here are some things to consider when you’re trying to get a golf bag custom matched to your preferences.

Stand Bags: What To Look for
If you’re a golfer that walks the course, then you need a stand bag, no matter what. You just can’t play with a cart bag if you don’t have a cart or a caddy or some other way to transport it! They’re just too heavy.

Instead, stand bags are lightweight, ergonomically designed, and easy to carry. They also have retractable folding legs so you can stand them up when you’re getting ready to take a swing.

Here are some things you should look for in a stand bag:

● Lightweight design, the lighter the better. There are modern stand bags that weigh less than three pounds.
● Water-resistant materials and a rain fly.
● Full-length shaft dividers.
● Ergonomic, padded, breathable hip and shoulder straps.
● Strong, durable folding legs.

Cart Bags: What to Look for
By contrast, if you golf from the convenience of a golf cart instead of walking the course, you’ll probably do better with a cart bag than a stand bag.

No one’s going to stop you from dropping your stand bag in the back of a cart. You’ll just have less space for clubs and equipment.

So, if your next investment is going to be in a cart bag, here are some things you should look for:

● Larger sizes; weight is not as important here. Get a model with as many pockets as you need to hold your gear.
● Forward-facing pockets will help you reach your gear without having to roll or shift your bag.
●Specialized pockets, like rangefinder, cooler pockets, and valuables pockets, are a value-add.
● Carry handles will help you get your cart bag from the garage to the trunk to the golf cart and back again.

Travel Bags: What to Look for
Travel bags are unique in that golfers don’t actually golf out of them. That is, they don’t take them on the course.

Rather, travel bags are used to protect golf gear in transit. Therefore, here are some things for you to look for:

● Get a travel bag that will enclose your entire stand bag or cart bag, without having to unpack and repack everything.
● Look for internal retention straps that will keep your golf clubs and gear from rattling around.
● Hard-sided travel bags usually offer better protection.
● Get a model with smooth-rolling wheels and a tow handle. This will make it easier for you to transport the bag.

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