What Type of Land Survey Do I Need?

Land surveys play an essential role in all real estate dealings, from the purchase of a property to the division of land. They determine the proper boundaries, offer information on construction design, and keep you out of legal trouble. However, there are multiple types of geomatics surveying services in the Alberta market, so how do you know which one you need? Let’s read to find out.

Types of Land Surveys
There are many types of land surveys, each created to meet a specific requirement. So, depending on the task, you may need one or multiple land surveys done. Below, we are talking about the most common land survey types used in Alberta geomatics surveying services.

● Boundary Survey
Boundary surveys are the formal means of defining property boundaries. They determine the corners of a land parcel, which are represented by a land surveyor in precise drawings on legal documents.

Sometimes, a boundary survey may also require the surveyor to speak to former owners and ad-joiners for research purposes. Once the research is done, the surveyor analyzes all information to draw proper boundaries. If you reside in Alberta, geomatic surveying services you select must have a detailed understanding of the local governmental requirements to offer a precise boundary survey.

● Topographic Survey
Topographic surveys are used to locate surface features of a property, from the location to size, height, and changes in elevation. It is a 3D map of a 3D property, showing all of its natural and manmade features. Topographic survey is taken for a new construction, utility designs, design or improvements in roads or bridges, and remodeling projects for existing structures.

● Subdivision Survey
Subdivision survey is used for splitting land into smaller parcels. It is used when an owner decides to divide the land, wherein the governing jurisdiction decides the level of detail that is required for the outcome of each survey. This is because upon the division of a lot, each newly formed land must meet the zoning and setback requirements.

A subdivision survey thus gives a detailed assessment of the exterior land boundaries. In Alberta geomatic surveying services, this type of survey is generally followed by a topographic survey and a subdivision survey.

● Residential Development Permit
Residential development projects need site plans, schematics, construction plans, blueprints, and conceptual layouts. This data in combination is used for constructing the infrastructure of the residential building. The residential development permit uses topographic survey and boundary survey to form plans.

This survey is necessary for gaining permits for any kind of housing, from suburbs and condominiums to apartment buildings and family homes.

Other types of land survey include site planning survey, location survey, construction survey, and more. You can determine the types of survey by referring to the local and national surveying laws that are applicable to your current requirements.

Best Alberta Geomatic Surveying Services
Land surveys need a deep technical knowledge along with proficiency in subjects like computer programming, physics, mathematics, and more. Which is why it is best to hire a professional surveyor for the job. CORE Geomatics offer the best Alberta geomatic surveying services, and are trusted by the people of Alberta since 2009. If you are located in Western Canada, reach out to CORE Geomatics for the best land surveys today.

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