6 Great Airsoft Gifts Under $20 (And Where to Get Them)

Got an airsoft player in your life, but you’re not sure what you get him (or her)? Got an airsoft player in your life, but you’re not sure what you get him (or her)? 

We get it, it’s a highly personal sport, and if you’re not familiar with it, it’s tough to make a choice about what would (and wouldn’t) make a great gift. 
After all, you don’t want to get a gift that will never get used, right?

Moreover, gifts like airsoft starter kits, though they may contain high-quality airsoft guns and gear, are also highly personal. You don’t want to get a kit with an AEG and give that to a player who typically fills the role of a sniper! 

So, what are some low-cost airsoft gifts that are almost guaranteed to get used, regardless of the player’s preferences?

1. Morale patches
You know the “tactical” gear that airsoft players tend to use, consisting of a series of stitched loops and hook and loop (velcro) attachment points? 

It’s called MOLLE, or Modular Lightweight Load-Bearing Equipment, and it’s a system with a series of attachment points that can be expanded to carry as much or as little gear as needed. 

There are MOLLE vests, pouches, packs, bags, and much more. 
Moreover, those hook and loop attachment points make great attachment points for morale patches. They’re also affordable and almost certain to get displayed. 

2. BBs
Alright, so, if you’re going to get BBs, they need to be the right size and weight, so check with a friend to make sure you’re getting the right size. 

Almost all airsoft guns shoot 6mm BBs, so that’s a safe gamble. If you don’t know what weight to get, try .25g BBs. They’re light enough to shoot from GBB pistols and just a bit heavier to be slightly more stable when fired from an AEG. 

They’re a bit light for airsoft sniper rifles and high-powered AEGs and LMGs, but they’ll still shoot. 

And even if the guy you give them to only uses them from plinking, they’re still going to get shot – so it’s a surefire gift, if you can excuse the pun. 

3. A Speedloader
Every airsoft player loads magazines and every second engaged in loading mags is a wasted second. Speedloaders make it possible to load tons of BBs at a time into airsoft magazines, making the best use of limited time. 

Plus, at under $10 these are affordable and practical gifts to give airsoft players. 

4. Gloves 
Mechanix gloves are favorites among airsoft players, but these will cost more than $20, so instead opt for a pair of Crossfire Gloves, Duty Gloves, or FastFit Gloves. All will set you back less than $20 – and who couldn’t use another pair of gloves, airsoft player or otherwise? 

5. Smoke grenades
Not every airsoft player uses them, but they can be used to set smokescreens and communicate over long distances via signaling. Moreover, they’re affordable, with most smoke grenades costing less than $20. 

Give these as gifts, and more likely than not the player you give them to will find a use for them. 

6. Tool kits 
There are a plethora of airsoft toolkits available for sale and most are pretty affordable. Get a multi-tool or a toolkit with a set of driver bits (Torx if you can find them since a lot of airsoft guns use Torx fasteners).

They’re not exciting, but every airsoft player needs to be able to field-strip his or her AEG from time to time for maintenance, cleaning, or calibration.

Where Can You Get All Sorts of Airsoft Gifts at Guaranteed Low Prices?
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