The Best Quality Sweatshirts for Men: A Short Guide

Every corner store, department store, and big box retailer sells cotton hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Every single one of them. Many places that you wouldn’t even expect to sell clothing sell cotton hats and graphic t-shirts as souvenirs, too.

But do they sell the best quality sweatshirts for men? The answer is a (confident) and resounding, “unlikely.”

This is because too many retailers are concerned with cost-cutting and their entire models hinge on the fact that their customers don’t know any better. For some of them, the suppliers might not know any better, either.

Well, it’s August and high summer, which means that now’s the perfect time to take a crash course in what makes quality cotton fabric, and hence, quality cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel.

By the time you get it down-pat, it’ll be fall and you’ll be ready!

Pre-Shrunk Fabric
One thing – but not the most important – is to keep in mind that all else being equal, pre-shrunk fabric is the way to go.

Regardless of what type of cotton or fabric a producer uses to make a garment (sweatshirt or otherwise) pre-shrunk fabric will hold up to more wash cycles with greater resilience than a fabric that is not.

It’s basically a hedge against shrinking down the line. If you buy pre-shrunk, it can still shrink, but the chances will be substantially lower.

Choose Ring Spun Cotton Fabrics
There are two basic ways to make a woven garment of cotton, and both require yarn. One is the “regular” method for spinning, and the other is the “ring-spun” method. Ring-spun is superior, especially for garments that you expect to wear more frequently.

The regular method of spinning cotton yarn consists of twisting the fibers until they start to form a sort of twine. This “twine” yarn can then be used to knit or weave fabrics.

The other method is known as “ring-spinning” in which the cotton fibers are twisted and thinned until they adopt a more uniform consistency. The resulting yarn is denser, stronger, and more even than yarn produced according to the conventional method.

The other thing is that there are fewer loose, open fiber ends in ring-spun fabric. Consequently, ring-spun fabric is much stronger than conventional cotton yarn. It is less likely to “unravel” which makes pilling unlikely, too, and on top of that, it is harder to wash it out and make it threadbare. Overall, it is much more physically durable.

Want Durability? Opt for a Heavyweight Sweatshirt
On top of looking for garments that are made from ring-spun, pre-shrunk fabric, it’s also worth noting that many of the best quality men’s sweatshirts are made from “heavyweight” fabric, in which case they are often referred to as “heavy hoodies” or “heavyweight hoodies.”

High-quality heavyweight cotton fabric is still super soft and an excellent insulator, but it is more durable and longer-lasting than lighter-weight cotton fabrics.

Moreover, like ring-spun cotton fabric, heavyweight cotton fabric is denser and will last longer than lighter cotton, through more wash and dry cycles. With proper care and cleaning, a heavyweight cotton sweatshirt will last for many years.

Where Can You Get the Best Quality Sweatshirts for Men and Women?
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