3 of the Best Golf Club Shafts in the Game Right Now

The golf shaft you pair with your driver heads can help boost your swing speeds and provide better energy transfer and feedback, improving your experience at the driving range and on the course.

In other words, you’re not helping yourself if you’re not playing with the best golf shafts for your abilities.

If you haven’t heard of any of these three, read up on them. They’re some of the best golf club shafts in the game.

Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro
The Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro series makes an appearance at or near the top of just about every “best of” list focused on golf shafts.

The TENSEI CK Pro series is available in several different shaft flex ratings, so there’s pretty much an option in this lineup for every player.

The first option is the TENSEI CK Pro Red, offering mid-high launch and mid spin; they’re flexible enough for amateurs and others with slower swing speeds but still consistent enough to control wild shot dispersions.

Next, you have the CK Pro Blue, with a similar launch profile but lower spin, and the CK Pro White, which offers even lower launch and spin profiles.

But it’s the TENSEI CK Pro Orange that really stands out in this lineup, with its lowest-of-the-low launch and spin profiles and stiff shaft ratings. These shafts are ideal for players with fast swing speeds.

But, given the number of shaft flex ratings and launch/spin profiles available in this line, there is a shaft for almost any player.

Fujikura VENTUS Black
Like the TENSEI CK Pro series, Fujikura’s VENTUS Series of driver shafts are available in several different configurations.

All of them feature a multi-material bias core that adds strength and stability during and through the swing and at impact – providing greater energy transfer.

But, it’s the Black that makes the headline, here, with its stiff midsection and ultra-stiff tip and butt sections that are engineered to deliver lower launch and spin profiles.

Like the TENSEI CK Pro series, there’s a shaft in this lineup for every player, but for stronger players with faster swing speeds that want greater smash factor in a shaft that also delivers unprecedented stability, feedback, and control – it’s the VENTUS Black that takes the cake.

Aldila Rogue Silver
Aldila uses “advanced aerospace materials” and several proprietary technologies in the Aldila Rogue Silver to deliver a shaft that offers mid-low launch and spin profiles that are suitable for players with a varying range of skills and abilities.

Specifically, for players with slower swing speeds, Aldila’s Rogue Silver has a balance point shifted slightly towards the butt-end, allowing for higher clubhead speeds and control that correspond to greater distance and lesser shot dispersion.

Adila also uses DIALEAD Pitch Fiber which offers exceptional properties of strength and energy transfer and pairs them with NexGen Micro Laminate Technology (MLT) which eliminates “dead zones” in the laminate material.

Together, these technologies produce shafts that are extremely strong and deliver consistent energy transfer with less shaft variability and greater sensitivity – literally four positive attributes stacked on top of each other.

Get Fitted with the Best Golf Club Shafts: Work with a Professional Fitter
Whether you ultimately choose to reoutfit your drivers with one of these or choose another one of the best golf club shafts in the industry (because, yes, there are others) you should work with a professional fitter for golf club fitting services.

This will ensure you are measured and fitted appropriately with a shaft that complements rather than smothers or stifles your skills.

Consider working with the professionals at Dallas Golf Company in Dallas for golf club fitting services or use their online shaft fitting tool at DallasGolf.com. You’ll be glad you did and will end up with a shaft that naturally suits you.

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