Wearing (and Accessorizing with) a Real Fox Fur Coat

When you think of a genuine fur coat, what is the first thing you think of? Are you envisioning a mink fur coat or even an exquisite chinchilla fur coat?

Or is it a real fox fur coat that comes to mind when you think of fur fashion? There are very few luxuries as opulent as a real fox fur coat – so it wouldn’t be entirely a surprise.

Let’s take a look at what you can do with a genuine fox fur jacket and how to dress with one.

Why a Real Fox Fur Coat?
First, let’s consider why a genuine fox fur jacket is an investment in quality. For one, fox fur is dense, thick, and plush. It is extremely warm, especially in adverse conditions – just like many grades of fur and wool.

Second, fox fur jackets are available in a wide range of colors. In addition to red fox fur coats, there are silver fox fur coats, black fox, and blue fox as well, making this an extremely versatile grade of fur. There’s even a beautiful grade known as crystal fox, which comes from northern Finland.

Finally – and this is not specific to fox fur – it is a renewable, sustainable resource that is also a natural resource that can be upcycled or recycled back into the economy as necessary.

So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can really make a real fox fur coat pop – whether you prefer full-formal or slightly toned down.

The Casual Look
Don’t assume that just because it’s a genuine fur jacket, you need to follow a black tie maxim. There is a lot of flexibility here and you can create your own vision, as you see fit.

A shorter fox fur jacket can be worn with khakis, jeans, and heels for a more modern, casual look. Wear the jacket open with a blouse or turtleneck underneath (depending on the weather) to finish off this casual style.

You can even wear a plain t-shirt or a vest with a fox fur coat for a similarly toned-down look that still carries a cosmopolitan edge.

The Full-Formal Look
You can also let a real fox fur coat be the centerpiece of a fully-formal ensemble for the most dignified black tie events. Whatever the color of your dress and shoes, try to pair it closely with the aesthetic of your fur coat and the highlights of the fur – unless you are specifically trying to cultivate a sharp contrast.

Let the Accessories Shine
Whether you are dressing formally or informally, don’t miss a big opportunity to make a great outfit better with the artful application of accessories.

Fox fur jackets typically look amazing in tandem with other fur accessories. Fox fur shawls, wraps, scarves, stoles, and hats are the perfect company for a fox fur jacket.

When accessorizing with a fox fur jacket, keep in mind to accentuate the highlights of the jacket. The guard hairs of fox fur are often reflective, even metallic. Pairing gold and silver highlights with these can really make the fur stand out.

Consider that when choosing sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, gloves, and other accessories with fox fur.

Ready to Splurge on a Real Fox Fur Coat?
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