Designing A Multigenerational Custom Home In Calgary

There are a multitude of reasons to have multigenerational homes. It could be because your parents would want to move in or to have them and your kids live under the same roof. Or it could simply be a house you’d want to pass on to your children.

You can also have your friends move in if you find it comfortable to share the space. If it’s none of these, you’d maybe want to look into the rental opportunities these houses offer. There are just too many incentives to investing in a multigenerational home.

If you are building a multigenerational custom home in Calgary, here are a few design ideas you’d want to take a look at.

Design Tips For A Custom Home In Calgary

Main Living Room
The intention of having a multigenerational home is for the family to be together, and therefore it’s quite important for there to be the main living room that could accommodate everyone in the house. Accessibility in this place should also be paid some attention to.

Multi-Functional Rooms
Although multigenerational homes typically have enough space to include all rooms, it’s never a bad idea to make them multi-functional. The first instinct is always to design the living room in such a way that it can be used as a bedroom. Or a bedroom that includes a home office in the corner, or near a wall. If you have an open floor plan, including a dining room in the living room can also save a lot of space.

Separate Entrances
The norm with multigenerational homes is that they do tend to have multiple entrances, particularly ones lending access to specific areas of the house- separate units in most cases. This ensures that while the house brings everyone together, it also provides the much necessary privacy.

Well Suited Bathroom Options
While it’s practically not possible to have a separate bathroom for all the family members, you can always have a bathroom big enough so that everyone sharing them can feel like they have their own space. These things could include having a shower, a tub (preferable for adults), or personal drawers for kids in the house.

One Big Kitchen
While providing separate bedrooms gives everyone the privacy they need, a big common kitchen could bring everyone together. Even if two separate families are living in the house, as long as they’re respectful to each other in the kitchen, sharing it shouldn’t be a problem.

Include Natural Light
Including natural light in a house isn’t just limited to modern homes. There’s no reason for a multigenerational home to not have big windows that let in natural light, making the ambience more positive. Additionally, natural light is also known to improve mental health and by inviting it in your house, you’re only helping everyone feel more pleasant.

Accessibility is one of the most important features of any house, and more importantly a multigenerational one. Partly because of the size and the fact that elders will probably stay there. It’s therefore important that everyone in the house can move around easily. Be it, kids or elders, an open space to navigate will only help keep the house lively.

You don’t build a house frequently, more so if it’s multi-generational. Therefore, it’s important to have the right team when building a house that will be passed on to generations. But you don’t have to spend much looking for custom home builders in Calgary when you’ve got one of the best. RareBuild Homes Ltd, known for their incredible work and more than a decade of experience, can help you navigate the entire home building process effortlessly.

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