Shake Things Up with a Mid-Century Modern Feel

Mid-century modern as a school of design can transform an interior space. There are fewer conflicting elements, and the trend, which by this time in history is nothing new, is wildly inclusive of other design schemes – to a point.

Mid-century modern is dominated by an acceptance of new trends, as well as minimalism and elements that are natural, geometric, and bare. Because of these features, this school of design can make a space feel less cluttered, more open, and more welcoming.

So let’s take a look at some basic things you can do to create a more palpable minimal mid-century modern feel.

Embrace an Open Wall
Mid-century modern spaces are more likely to use neutral, flat interior paints and plain subway tile for design. Either of these or even a neutral wallpaper will work.

But the most important suggestion we can offer on wall decor, regardless of whether you’ve tiled, painted, or wallpapered your walls is this: leave some space open.

You can include wall decor in your design, but don’t overdo it. Any mid-century modern space should have at least one bare wall – if not all of them.

Throw Down a Neutral-Colored Rug
Rugs add texture and intrigue into a space without overdoing it (unless you throw down too many).

If your space is tiled or has hardwood flooring, a rug can actually help to tone it down and keep it both level and grounded. Choose a rug with either a plain, neutral color scheme or one with geometric elements, and introduce that into a setting.

Throw Some Light with a Modern LED Floor Lamp
You’ll need ambient lighting, and nothing says “mid-century modern” like a modern LED floor lamp with a linear design scheme and open elements.

Consider a modern LED floor lamp like ATAMIN’s Alvin Dimmable Floor Lamp (with shelves and integrated LED lighting).

It not only matches a mid-century modern aesthetic, but it is also functional, with plenty of open space and 4 shelves, each of which can hold 40 pounds.

And, to keep things as modern as possible, this standing lamp utilizes a dimmable LED bulb, which is leagues more energy-efficient than incandescent – the perfect addition to any eco-conscious homeowner’s interior spaces.

Choose Furniture with a Linear, Minimal Element
The modern LED floor lamp mentioned in the last element delivers a linear aesthetic. Your other furniture would do well with the same.

This is because linear design is simple, stark, and catches the attention without being boastful or overdrawn. Such furniture also often features open, negative space that makes an interior feel roomier and less crowded.

Also, these elements neither conflict with each other nor with other geometric designs (see below) making it an easy, inclusive atmosphere to cultivate.

Consider Textured or Geometric Designs
One element you can introduce to create the perfect mid-century modern design is geometric design. These are furniture, fixtures, and decor that are either gracefully curved, linear (as mentioned above), or feature repeating geometric patterns.

They are simple, almost impossible to oversaturate, and straightforward. Moreover, multiple different styles of geometric patterns and designs will look nice in each other’s company.

Consider working a rug, a lamp, a piece of furniture, or even a decorative accent with a geometric slant into your mid-century modern living room or sitting room to add the perfect modern slant.

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