Outfitting a Showcase Shelf for Fall

Got a showcase shelf that you’d like to make a fluid facet of your home decor, changing the trends with the seasons to suit the rest of your home’s decor?

We say go for it – and since fall is basically upon us, there’s no time like the present to reimagine your home’s decor to take on a more autumnal slant.

Shift the Tones
Decorating for fall can be as intricate as purchasing or crafting entirely new decorative accents and ornaments, and as simple as changing out the color tones of what you’re currently displaying on your shelves.

Colors such as tawny browns, dark, neutral oranges, reds, and yellows are reminiscent of fall – just like the colors of leaves and crops at the end of the season. Save the green, blue, and purple for spring, and break out the warm neutral colors for the fall.

This trend applies to all elements of home decor, by the way, and not just showcase shelves. If you can’t settle on a good theme for your bedroom, kitchen, or living room, just change up the prevailing color scheme to be more fall-friendly. Remember, dark reds, oranges, yellows and golden browns are supreme here.

Pumpkins, Flint Corn, and Gourds
Nothing says fall like pumpkins, gourds, flint corn, dried hay, and other agricultural goods that indicate the harvest.

These can often be purchased for next to nothing at farm stands and will last for several months. Especially displayed inside on a shelf, gourds, and pumpkins can give you a whole season of authentic decor.

However, here’s a quick cheat for you: while there’s nothing like the real thing (in this, as in other areas of decor and living) and while you might pay a bit more for a substitute, it’ll last longer too.

Consider getting some felt, plush, or resin pumpkins, acorns, corn, gourds, or seasonally appropriate ornaments. They might be a little more expensive up front (and they’re not the real thing) but they will last forever.

Fall Scented Candles and Essential Oil Diffusers
The spirit of a location is not entirely determined by visual decor alone, and your sense of smell is one of your most emotionally charged faculties. The popularity of fall-scented candles alone should bear witness to this.

So, consider adding some fall-scented candles to your showcase shelf to add a little ambiance and olfactory intrigue. You can also use scented wax warmers, fall-themed potpourri (in a seasonally appropriate bowl, of course!), or essential oil diffusers.

Garlands and Hangings
Something that some homeowners tend to overlook is that the way you decorate a fixture of furniture like a shelf does not need to be limited to the shelves themselves.

Sure, there’s plenty of room on the shelves for decor and figurines, but we’re talking about a whole piece of furniture here. It’s not just shelves!

Consider hanging seasonally-appropriate string lights or hanging a garland or lanterns from the shelves. Then your shelf space will remain free for essentials and you’ll still reap the rewards of the autumnal essences!

I’m Ready for Fall but Don’t Have a Showcase Shelf Yet!
Intrigued by our mention of ideas for fall decorating, but not quite ready to put them into practice because you don’t have a showcase shelf yet?

Worry not – we can solve that part of the equation too. Visit ShopFenlo.com and check out their Fancy 3-in-1 Dimmable Luxury Display Shelf with Integrated LEDs. The thing is a blank canvas that begs to be decorated and accessorized, and with its minimalistic, mid-century modern design, it can be decorated not only in the fall but throughout the year.

Plus, each shelf is strong enough to handle up to 60 pounds, the entire piece is finished with a durable, eco-friendly UV coating, and it sports energy-efficient LEDs.

Check out the link above to learn more, then get yours before we’re too far along into fall and you need to start thinking about winter decorations!

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