Add Value To Your House With These Upgrades

Building a new home means working out with a lot of upgrades. And the process can get overwhelming at times. With so much to upgrade, or if you think about it, everything that can be upgraded, it’s tough to decide what needs to be the priority.

Ideally, anything that is functionally more beneficial should supersede everything else. Yes, you can think about choices that seem must-haves, but if you give too much into the temptation, it might end up costing you way more than you intended.

We know, it’s not easy to be decisive and therefore, here are a few upgrades to consider that’ll bring tremendous value to your home and supplement a better lifestyle.

Kitchen Island
The kitchen is one of the most important places in a house, and more often than not, a place with the most activity. It’s therefore important that the place is as functional as possible and a kitchen island could be just the addition that makes it near perfect.

If you aren’t familiar with it, a kitchen island is a freestanding cabinet situated ideally in the center of a kitchen and can have kitchen stools around it or be used to house kitchen appliances.

A kitchen island will make your kitchen more personal, provide greater flexibility and could also be used as a workstation for your kids as you make dinner for the family. It can also be used to sit around while socializing with your friends, as you enjoy some snacks or freshly baked cookies.

Radiant Floor Heating
It’s never fun to step on a cold floor, right after you’ve woken up from your bed or come home with some cold. We all deserve heated floors, and while common misconception would lead you to believe that they’re luxury, well, they aren’t. Plus, it’s also quite energy efficient.

Unlike HVAC systems, radiant heating does not pump heat into the vents but radiant heat is absorbed into the floor and isn’t allowed to escape. This makes them highly efficient and saves you on electricity costs each month, which should eventually make up for the initial installation charges.

Generous Bathroom Setting
After a long day at work, or in the mornings when you’re about to prepare yourself for work, all one needs is a good hot shower to set the mood right. A good, relaxing shower can quite considerably decide how your day goes and it’s important that your bathroom receives the attention it deserves.

If you like to shower, make sure that your shower is big enough and has all the features you need, including a music system if that’s something you find enticing. Otherwise, you can also consider investing in a good tub that won’t make you feel cramped while you’re in it.

These features will also add to the resale value of the property when you decide to sell it in the future.

A Deeper Basement
There are a few additions that you simply cannot make to your house once the construction is done and having a basement is one of them. And having a deeper basement, while your house is under construction, will be quite productive for you while you’re using it and at the same time, help offer better returns when you’re planning to sell.

A deeper basement with high ceilings will raise the functionality of your house, and also allow you to have taller furniture. Additionally, if you’re a lawyer or a CA, you could make great use of the basement for your operations. Or it can also be used as a home theater or a storage space.

While there are numerous upgrades you may find enticing, you shouldn’t give in to every temptation. It’s crucial to be rational and only upgrade that which is required. To make the decisions, it’s best if you have a word with the professionals. RareBuild Homes Ltd should be your obvious choice if you’re building a home in Calgary. Contact them today.

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