How Web3 Marketing Differs From Traditional Advertising

Are you having trouble marketing your new crypto project? This is to be expected if you don’t have a background in web3.

From Discord groups to Twitter spaces, things are decidedly a bit different when it comes to connecting with your target audience in crypto. If you are interested in proper web3 marketing, read on to see how you can get started.

Web3 Marketing Basics
The first thing you have to realize with web3 marketing strategies is that everything has to look and feel organic. By and large, most of the techniques from web2 and traditional marketing are not going to cut it.

This trend has actually been happening everywhere for quite some time now. No one wants to be advertised to, because most consumers feel that big businesses have an ulterior motive. People want genuine connections and authenticity.

The average gen-z consumer would much rather have a micro-influencer pitch them a product than get sold to from a TV commercial or magazine ad. The nature of advertising has shifted – and web3 advertising is the latest example of this.

You can pretty much throw everything you think you know about marketing out the window here. Outside of basic human psychology, you’re not going to find many sales parallels within the crypto community. If you want to promote a project on the blockchain, you’re going to have to shift the way you think about marketing entirely.

First, it’s all about community. The goal of any project should be to grow their community rather than just marketing a product, whether it’s a token, NFT, or new tech. Projects in web3 live and die by their communities, so take this into consideration.

The next step is knowing where your audience is and marketing to them there. If you are resorting to ads on Facebook and some email marketing, you’re probably not getting much traction. Most of web3 exists beyond social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which are still booming in much of the web2 world.

For instance, one of the best places to target prospective web3 investors is on Twitter – which isn’t traditionally seen as a good place to market at all. You will also want to double down on organic tactics – community giveaways, live AMAs, and influencer outreach. Paid ads without the community or substance to back them up are just going to be ignored and possibly even do more harm than good.

How to Get Started With Marketing in Web3
Feeling a bit out of your element? Don’t worry, there are actually great web3 marketing agencies and blockchain consulting firms that can help you get started on the right track. Experts that know the crypto space and assist you in your goals, whether it’s launching a brand new NFT project or getting more eyes on a new DeFi protocol.

If you are interested in getting the right data and guidance when it comes to web3 marketing, contact ISA Group today. They specialize in web3 go to market consultation and can help in all areas of crypto marketing, including DAOs and token launches. If you want to collect data on your target market and launch your project successfully, you should let crypto experts handle it!

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