Defining the Key Elements of French Country Decor

There is something entrancing about the clean, elegant aesthetic of French country decor, which takes its inspiration in part from traditional French design as well as from the plain, functional simplicity of the American farmhouse. 

Perhaps that is why so many people around the country have done their best to sow the seeds of French country inspiration into their homes’ interiors. Let’s take a look at what it is and how you can cultivate this aura in your home, room by room – from an antique gold mirror in a hallway to a farmhouse trestle table for the dining room, and what lays between.

What Is French Country Decor?
French country decor is a handsome, artistic fusion of the highly refined and the most abjectly simplistic. In French country decor, the atmosphere, and fixtures, are largely defined by:

● Soft, muted, even washed-out, or faded colors, such as ivory, beige, or pink. Typically warmer colors are more popular here.
● The appearance or simulation of wear. 
● Natural materials such as bare wood, stone, or tile.
● Floral and botanical motifs. 
● Spare but visible use of fineries such as gold, crystal, and lace.

Incorporating these elements into your home can be enjoyable and even cathartic. Once you become familiar with the elements of French country decor, cultivating the aesthetic will become second nature.

How to Cultivate a French Country or Farmhouse Aesthetic: By the Room

Living Room
Bright light is one of the elements of French country design, and if you can’t get it from a window, consider an artificial source.

Hang an antique gold mirror opposite a window to reflect the light and open the space, or consider a globe chandelier to throw additional light.

Choose end tables and other furniture with elegant, ornately graven woodwork to add an accent to the scene, in white, off-white, or warm, muted tones.

Dining Room 
The dining room is the perfect place for a farmhouse trestle table; large, rustic farmhouse-style wood dining tables are the centerpiece. 

Flank your dining room table with floridly graven seating and dining chairs, but don’t be afraid to include elements such as floral displays, even live or cut flowers, candles, and sconces to add some color and light.

Cozy yet elegant, you can perfect a French farmhouse bedroom with white or muted bed linens, framing the bed with elegant statement pieces – intricately carved, and washed or gilded – such as chairs and lounges.

For light, add some candles or a crystal chandelier in the French country style, and don’t neglect the walls. Choose hangings such as framed art or antique mirrors to open the space and add light.

Don’t forget the bathroom; you can inspire a bathroom with French country design through the use of artful rustic tile and elegant standing fixtures like tubs and basins.

Offer white linens on exposed shelves or wrought racks, and don’t be afraid to decorate with flowers, perfume-scented candles, and chandeliers here, to add light.

Discover Original and Reimagined Reproductions of French Country Decor 
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