Are You Working with (or Considering) the Best eCommerce SEO Agency Possible? A Checklist

SEO is a collection of techniques that together will improve your website, making it more favorable to search engines. This in time will result in higher organic rankings that will push your website to the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) for specific keywords and search terms, resulting in higher organic visibility. 

In time, organic traffic will improve, which, when leveraged as eCommerce SEO, can result in equivalent increases in sales, conversions, and revenue, making your online business more profitable. 

But just how can you tell if you’re working with the best eCommerce SEO agency? Well, here are a few things you should look for. 

How to Know if You’re Working with the Best eCommerce SEO Agency for Your Business 
● Does the company website contain client testimonials? 

● Are there visible reviews off of the company website that might be more credible? Check Google reviews as a start. Clutch and InfluencerMarketingHub are good sources too. 

● If the agency is partnered with notable platforms like BigCommerce or Shopify (they should be) check those websites for reviews or recommendations, too.

● Speaking of which, the platform should certify or vouch for that agency. For instance, if you’re based on BigCommerce, look for an Elite Certified BigCommerce agency. This certification is a guarantee that the agency in question is highly qualified to work with the platform. 

● The agency website should contain a client portfolio where past results are publicly showcased, so you can see what you’re getting into and what you can expect. 

● Case studies are even better. Look for a collection of case studies on the agency website, and scan a few for examples of metrical successes the agency actually produced for real clients. 

● While scanning case studies, look for instances in which the agency served clients in your niche or industry. There are nuances that affect all industries differently, especially in digital marketing. 

● Landing pages that address the differences in each industry are even better. Consider consulting a collection of (or actively look for) an “SEO by industry” collection where you can learn more about the specialties and skills of the agency. 

● Does the agency offer additional support services to bolster the effects of your SEO? SEO is benefited greatly by other organic marketing services, such as content marketing and social media management. 

● Other marketing services, such as PPC and paid social media advertising can also help you generate greater visibility in the short term while you’re waiting for SEO to gain a foothold. 

● Technical skills are also imperative, as one-quarter of SEO is technical. An agency that has in-house designers and developers will be more capable than one that doesn’t, all else being equal. 

● Look for a page that thoroughly details the SEO process. You don’t want to pay for something you don’t fully understand. Make sure you can clearly see from the agency website exactly what efforts they will be performing. 

● Look for an indication that they use in-house writers, as content, like technical SEO, accounts for a whole quarter of SEO. 

● Before you sign up, be certain you know who your points of contact will be so you know where, how, and to whom to address concerns.Now Go Forth and Find the Best eCommerce SEO Agency 

Rather than there being one single “best” eCommerce SEO agency, the reality of the situation is that there are agencies that are better situated to serve some clients than others. 

Applying these pointers and principles will help you find the one that’s best qualified to serve your business – now go and find them! 

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