Be My Groomsman: How to Create the Perfect Groomsmen Proposal Box

Getting married soon? Surely you’ve made plans to include your best buds in the wedding. You may have heard of your blushing bride putting together “be my bridesmaid” boxes as part of the preparations; there’s no reason to leave all the fun to the ladies.

Groomsmen proposal boxes are a great way to show your appreciation for the brothers-in-arms who have stood by you all throughout your single life. It lets them know that their presence is welcome–and still much-needed–even after they send you off into the sacred land of holy matrimony. Learn how to create a groomsmen proposal box that all your mates can’t help but say yes to below:

Step 1: Find the best box
It’s easy to find gift boxes that fit your wedding theme and aesthetic. For colors, you can go with whichever ones you’ll be using at the wedding, or stick to the classics such as black or navy blue.

The most important thing when choosing a box is the size. It needs to be big enough to accommodate all the gifts and essentials you’ll be putting in it. You can find sellers that offer boxes specially designed for groomsmen proposals: you can even have them specially printed with a cool message that encapsulates your request, and personalized for every groomsman you plan on inviting. Since weddings can be expensive, do your best to score a great deal.

Step 2: Fill the box with meaningful items
Groomsmen proposal boxes have gotten so popular that you can just order a bunch of them from a provider. They’ll contain common essentials that every groomsman needs. These can be a little expensive, though, and they lack that distinctive personal touch.

You can show your potential groomsmen how much you care–and save some bucks in the process–by hand-picking the items you want to include in the box yourself. Think of your friend group and what they’d like. Popular items to include are flasks, cufflinks, or mini tool kits.

It’s also vital to get your mates in a celebratory mood. Help them along by including items such as a sample-size bottle of top-shelf whiskey, or a bundle of cigars. Brioso cigars are a fine choice: they’re made by General Cigar Company, home to some of the best handmade cigars in the world. You can find Brioso cigars for sale at Rocky’s Cigars, where they’re available in bundles. Rocky’s offers their Brioso cigars for sale at excellent prices that are cheaper than the norm, too, making them a truly excellent bargain.

Step 3: Add a personal touch
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t put some effort into asking your friends to be your groomsmen. They’re sure to feel the love if you give these proposal boxes the same amount of care and attention as when you asked the love of your life to marry you.

A short note detailing your request never hurts. You can have these printed out, but it’s far more meaningful to write them out by hand. Tell your buddies how happy you are to have them in your life, and thank them for everything that they’ve done for you throughout the years. This will turn any proposal box into a thoughtful gesture.

Having the items in the box personalized also makes them feel more special to your recipients. Everyone loves seeing things that have their name on them, so go wild. Have your flasks engraved, put your groomsmen’s names on the cufflinks, have the back of a watch etched with your group motto or rallying cry. The opportunities and possibilities are endless!

No matter what you choose to include in your groomsmen proposal boxes, your recipients will surely appreciate it. After the ceremony, make sure you thank them for sharing this deeply personal experience with you with a high-quality cigar. Remember, you can find Brioso cigars for sale at Rocky’s Cigars. You may also want to check out their extensive online catalog for more fine options.

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