What Makes Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bags Different?

Sun Mountain is one of the premier names in the golf industry. For over 41 years, Sun Mountain has been producing some of the most highly respected golf bags in the game.

Speaking of which, if you need a new Sun Mountain golf stand bag to replace last year’s model, here’s what you can look forward to in their designs.

Low weight: Sun Mountain practically breaks records for low-weight in their stand bags. Models such as the Sun Mountain 2.5+ come in at under three pounds. These are some of the lightest (and most durable) golf bags in the game.

Durable construction from high-strength materials: Sun Mountain stand bags (like all Sun Mountain gear) exhibit an exceptionally high level of quality. They’re also typically made with a water-resistant finish and come with a matching rain fly to protect your gear from the elements.

Ergonomic strap designs: Many Sun Mountain golf stand bags feature ergonomic lift handles and padded, aerated, breathable shoulder straps that support and cushion you as you carry them while keeping you cool on the course.

Full-length dividers: Divided tops are nice, but it’s the full-length shaft dividers of a golf bag that protect your golf shafts. Shafts are fragile and can crack and splinter from repeated stresses; full-length dividers provide superior cushioning.

Strong, collapsible legs: Don’t settle for flimsy legs. Sun Mountain makes quality gear with strong, lightweight, collapsible legs that will serve you well through many seasons.

Plenty of storage space: Many Sun Mountain stand bags are made with several accessory pockets (upwards of five) so you’ll have plenty of room for the essentials as you walk the course.

● Specialized pockets: Many Sun Mountain stand bags are also made with specialized pockets including velour-lined valuables pockets and rangefinder pockets, as well as insulated cooler pockets that will keep your refreshments cool during a long, hot day on the course.

Bags that are big enough to serve as hybrid bags: If you’re not looking for a carry bag, there are Sun Mountain stand bags large enough to serve as hybrid bags, and plenty of bonafide cart bags as well.

What Are Some of The Top Selling Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bags?
If you’re looking for a new Sun Mountain golf stand bag, Sun Mountain makes models that are great as both men’s and women’s golf bags – these are some of the top sellers:

● Sun Mountain 2.5+

● Sun Mountain 3.5 LS

● Sun Mountain 4.5 LS

● Sun Mountain Metro

● Sun Mountain Eco-Lite

● Sun Mountain VX

Need a Cart Bag Instead? Check Out…
Stand bags are not for everyone. If you play from the comfort and convenience of a golf cart, then perhaps a Sun Mountain cart bag is more to your speed. If so, check one of the following Sun Mountain cart bags:

● Sun Mountain Sync

● Sun Mountain C-130

● Sun Mountain Maverick

● Sun Mountain Diva Womens’ Cart Bag

Where Can You Get These Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bags and Cart Bags?
Looking to get a great price on a new Sun Mountain golf stand bag or cart bag? Check out Dallas Golf Company, online at DallasGolf.com – or, better yet, if you’re in their area (Dallas, Texas) pay them a visit in their shop.

Either in their store or online, you can get more familiar with countless models of stand and cart bags from Sun Mountain, Mizuno, Callaway, Titleist, and more – all at great prices, and supported by staff that are as passionate about the game as you are.

Visit their website at DallasGolf.com or get in touch with them at 800-955-9550 to learn more!

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