How To Save on Niche Fragrances Like Creed Aventus

In this economy, most people are probably doing their best to save as much money as they can. Splurging on non-essentials is a luxury, and with things being how they are, saving a buck or two wouldn’t hurt.

Niche fragrances are most definitely a luxury, literally and figuratively. Scents from perfumeries such as Creed, Parfums de Marly, and Roja Parfums tend to be costly, but they do reward you in performance and longevity. Here’s how you can indulge in these perfumes while still being fiscally responsible:

Keep an eye out for perfume samples
Most niche fragrance houses are happy to let potential customers get a feel for their offerings before committing to a purchase. The easiest way to do this is to simply walk into one of their boutiques—browsing is absolutely free.

However, not everyone is within range of a physical store of the brand they have an eye on. If you’re curious about what Creed Aventus smells like, for example, you’ll have to make your way to New York, Las Vegas, or Beverly Hills; Creed has very few standalone boutiques in the United States, most of them in major metropolitan cities. They do have counters at high-end department stores, but not everyone has access to one of those, either.

Fragrance enthusiasts typically make most of their purchases online, but it can be difficult to commit to a full bottle without experiencing the scent firsthand. Fortunately, there are stores like Scent Split, where you can purchase genuine perfume samples of Creed Aventus in various sizes. They carry perfume decants from other niche fragrance houses that can be difficult to find in your local area as well, such as Roja Parfums, Byredo, and many more.

Collect coupon codes
If you’ve already made couponing part of your grocery routine, then you’re well-aware of just how powerful they can be. Coupons can turn any big purchase into a small one, and you do save a significant amount of money when you use them.

They also offer coupons online, and you can do yourself a huge favor by taking advantage of them. Disable your pop-up blocker when you browse their official sites, and take note of any deals that cross your path while clicking around. Most perfumeries offer a discount to first-time customers, or those who sign up for the company newsletter. Speaking of newsletters, consider having your email added to the list of customers who want to receive correspondence from the brand. Not only will these alert you to new releases, they may sometimes give out newsletter-exclusive codes that you can use to purchase your scents.

Join a perfume swap
Perfume swap groups are a great place to save on fragrances. You can easily find them on social media sites such as Facebook, Reddit, and even Discord.

In these groups, you’ll meet a community of like-minded aficionados who are as passionate about scents as you are. You can buy, sell, and trade new and pre-owned fragrances, allowing you to expand your perfume horizons while getting rid of items that didn’t match up to your expectations. Just do a quick Google search online to find your tribe—the keyword “perfume swap” should net quite a few results.

Skip the blind buy today and save on your most sought-after niche fragrances like Creed Aventus, Delina by Parfums de Marly, Le Labo’s Santal 33, and more by visiting Scent Split. They offer genuine decants and perfume samples from some of the most in-demand fragrance houses in the world.

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