What Are the Main Elements of Western Style? (You’ll Find Them at a Western Apparel Store)

Whether you simply enjoy visiting a local rodeo as a spectator or actually work on a ranch, western apparel is for you.

Or maybe you’re new to the scene and not sure how to cut a convincing western caper yet.

Never worry – this (very) short guide will cover the most basic elements of western wear – that any western apparel store will carry. Let’s take the rundown from top to bottom.

Western Hat
You can’t create an authentic western outfit without a proper hat, and not just any hat will do.

Variously referred to as “western hats” or “cowboy hats,” every western wardrobe has them!

They have wide brims that encircle a high crown. The crown can either be round and unpinched, as in the original Stetson “Boss of the Plains,” or it can be pinched along the top, sides, or in a variety of other manners.

A western hat isn’t just a fashion statement; the high crown keeps the wearer cool, while the wide brim keeps sun and rain off of the wearer’s face, neck, and shoulders.

Some cowboy hats are made from straw, but the vast majority are made from either leather or felted fur.

Western Shirt
A western shirt is also a key element of any western wardrobe.

Western shirts are often made of cotton denim, chambray, or flannel, and usually have a yoke along the front and back. Some western shirts have long tails that stay tucked in when the wearer is hard at work.

Western shirts typically have snap fasteners that are easy to fasten and unfasten, even when the wearer is gloved.

These types of shirts are often brightly embroidered, trimmed, or fringed. Southwestern and Native American motifs are common in some styles.

If you really want to create a western look, consider adding a neckerchief or a bolo necktie to your ensemble.

Jeans, Belt and Buckle
Nothing says ”western wear” like a good pair of jeans. Denim is light, protective, and breathable, making it as suitable in the field as it is comfortable indoors.

Levi’s and Wranglers are popular brands. If you’re wearing them for work, lighter, looser-fitting jeans are the top choice. If you’re making a statement, darker jeans are the way to go.

Don’t think about moving on until you’ve selected a quality belt and buckle. Some think larger is better, as buckles were often awarded as trophies in rodeos. There are many elaborately styled belt buckles available to the modern consumer, so take your pick.

Western Boots
Last but certainly not least, we have western boots, and no western ensemble is complete without them.

Pay close attention to the boots you pair with an outfit, as western boots are a must.

Western boots, also referred to as cowboy boots, are made from high-quality leather and feature a high, laceless shaft. They typically have a high, stacked heel, leather soles, and a pointed toe, although there are many other toe styles that are common.

Though today they make a fashion statement, originally, these features facilitated riding. The pointed toe and slick leather sole were easy to insert into a stirrup, the stacked heel prevented the foot from slipping too far forward, and the lack of laces was safer for riders riding through brush.

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