Why It’s a Great Idea to Hire an eCommerce PPC Agency as Soon as You Start SEO

The title of this article might have you scratching your head. That’s reasonable. After all, isn’t SEO all about generating organic rankings so that you don’t need to rely on PPC to generate paid brand awareness, traffic, and revenue streams?

Doesn’t hiring an eCommerce PPC company defeat the purpose, if you’re trying to cut costs?

Well, if that’s your only goal, yes. Stick with one.

But in online marketing, your goal should not simply be to cut costs, but to generate revenue and traffic. And, at least early on in an SEO campaign, an eCommerce PPC strategy can often offset the slow startup.

Let’s unpack this.

How eCommerce PPC and SEO Marketing Campaigns Work Together in the Short Term
So let’s talk about SEO. In the long term, there is no better way to generate sustainable organic revenue streams than SEO.

The keyword here is “long term.” It generally takes a long time – like, more than six months, with most eCommerce businesses that invest in it not seeing their best gains until well more than a year down the line

Therefore, for businesses that invest in SEO, it can seem like it takes a long time to get the ball rolling. And, truth be told, often it does.

SEO faces a number of obstacles. Low domain authority that takes a long time to grow, no backlinks or low-quality backlinks at the outset of a campaign, low keyword density in a client’s existing content, and so much more.

While SEO is effective at generating long-term increases in domain authority and organic traffic, it almost always takes a long time to build a head of steam.

Now let’s talk about eCommerce PPC campaigns. In PPC, you (or your eCommerce PPC management company) bid on keywords. You pay to rank.

It’s more expensive, but you can see those traffic increases buoy up overnight. Basically, PPC lets you “pay to SEO.” It’s not quite that simple, but you get the gist.

The upside is you can drop some money into PPC and see traffic and impressions increase overnight. The downside is that traffic and impressions will tank overnight when you stop.

But this is the beauty of working eCommerce PPC and SEO at the same time, especially in the short term.

Running an eCommerce business can be expensive. If you’re going to keep it going, you need to generate traffic and revenue. Not just in a year, not even in six months – but now.

While you’re waiting for your SEO efforts to gain a foothold in a competitive market, it’s often a wise idea to work with an eCommerce PPC company.

Their efforts can supplement the organic results you hope one day to realize. While you won’t rank or get impressions out of the gate with SEO, you can with a wisely run eCommerce PPC management campaign – and that’s basically just as good.

Plus, an eCommerce PPC management company will run continuous optimizations to ensure that your ROAS and ROI are as high as possible while working tirelessly to continue to get as much possible revenue from every dollar invested.

How Can You Select an eCommerce PPC Company That Is Positioned to Deliver Success for Your Business?
If you’re going to use an eCommerce PPC company to offset a slow start with SEO, the advice we can offer is this.

Let the same digital marketing agency run both (if they offer both services), or partner with another company that has demonstrable success generating short-term successes in your industry.

If we had to suggest one eCommerce marketing company, it would be 1DigitalⓇ Agency (1DigitalAgency,com). Not only because they’ve been in the industry for over a decade, but because they run both highly successful eCommerce SEO and PPC campaigns – for clients in many industries.

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