How to Know You’re Looking at the Best Stand Golf Bag: A Checklist

Not every stand golf bag will have all of the features mentioned in this article or suggested by it as important prerequisites, but the more of them you can check off, the more you’ll know you’re looking at quality.

Frankly, if you can find a stand bag that hits all of these features, buy it. Most of them combine a few of them, but if you can find one that makes the grade, get it. You’ll be happy with it. The best stand golf bags offer these, in some combination:

1. Light weight: Generally speaking, the lighter the better. Since you’ll need to carry the bag as you walk the golf course, lighter is better. Look for anything under five pounds, but be aware that there are stand bags under 3!

2. Strong, collapsible legs: With no caddy or golf cart, you’ll need to be able to prop your golf stand bag up while you take a swing. Most stand bags have collapsible legs but look for one that is well-reviewed and has strong ones.

3. Padded, weight-distributing shoulder straps and hip pads: All stand bags have some sort of carry-strap system, but some are more ergonomic than others. Look for one with weight-distributing straps and breathable, wide, ergonomic pads. That’ll keep you cool and comfortable for longer.

4. Ergonomic or over-molded lift handles: Some stand bags are hybrid bags, which means they are large enough to serve as either cart bags or stand bags. Some of these have front-facing, easy-access compartments, and even cart straps. If so, make sure they also have comfort-lift handles to make it easier to get them in and out of the cart.

5. Construction from durable, water-resistant materials: You don’t want a flimsy stand bag that will fall apart. Some are even made from highly durable sailcloth and vinyl!

6. Does it come with a matching rainfly? Sometimes, you just get caught in the rain. That’s part of the game. Make sure it comes with a rain hood!

7. Full-length dividers to protect your shafts: Walking the course can be a grueling ordeal for you and your gear. Full-length shaft dividers will help protect your shafts from rattling around and damaging each other.

8. Room for more than just a couple clubs: We get it, stand bags are supposed to be light, ergonomic, and on the smaller size. But bags that only allow you to comfortably pack a handful of clubs can be more frustrating than convenient.

9. Several pockets (more than just a few): You’ll need to carry along golf balls, water bottles, and towels, but you don’t want to limit yourself.

10. Specialized pockets: These are also a bonus feature that is nice to have. Some of the best stand bags have specialized pockets in addition to ball pockets; lined pockets for valuables, insulated cooler pockets, and so on and so forth.

11. Towel rings: Because you don’t want to stuff a dirty, wet towel inside your golf bag, where it will get everything else dirty and wet, right?

The best stand golf bags offer the majority of these features. If you have your eye on a Callaway, Titleist, or Sun Mountain that has most or all of them, that bag’s a sure bet.

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