Why Fresh Foods Are Important In Your Daily Diet

Fresh foods like fruits and vegetables are rich sources of minerals, plant chemicals and vitamins. They too contain good amounts of fiber. There are several interesting ways to cook, process or consume fruits and vegetables. There is also a rich variety about fruits and vegetables you can procure.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help protect you from heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Every day, eating five types of vegetables and two types of vegetables is recommended for good health. Ensuring variety while choosing fruits and vegetables can help get the most nutrients. Here are some strong reasons to eat fresh foods like fruits and vegetables.

Reasons to include fresh foods in daily diet
Fresh foods like fruits and vegetables are low in salt, sugar and fat content. They are rich sources of dietary fiber. They are an important component of a regular, healthy and balanced food and a healthy lifestyle. High intake of fruit and vegetable intake can help lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and reduce obesity besides maintaining a healthy weight.

Fresh foods also help in protecting against diseases. Fresh fruits and vegetables can help fight Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, hypertension and stroke.

How to choose fruits and vegetables
Eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits can help gain protection against diseases. Experts recommend five types of vegetables and two types of fruits on a daily basis. Studies show that fruits and vegetables of similar colors usually contain similar kinds of protective compounds. To get the full range of health benefits from fruits and vegetables, you can consume a rainbow of colorful vegetables and fruits.

Red fresh foods
In this group, we can mention watermelon and tomatoes. The typical compound found in these foods is lycopene, which is found very important in fighting heart disease and cancer.

Green fresh foods
Under this group of foods, we find spinach and kale. The important compound found in them are zeaxanthin and lutein, which can help prevent eye disease that can result from aging.

Purple and blue foods
In this group of foods we find eggplant and blueberries. These fresh foods contain good amounts of anthocyanins, which can protect your body from cancer.

White foods
White foods refer to fresh foods like cauliflower. These foods contain sulforaphane and can protect you from some kinds of cancers.

Take Away
When you order for foods from outside, eat fresh delivery which can be a healthy choice as well as can delight your taste buds.

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