Personalized Labels for School Supplies: Labeling All the Supplies

Back-to-school season is in full swing, which means new schedules, routines, and responsibilities. For parents, labeling the plethora of school supplies that our kids need to take out the door with them can be overwhelming, to say the least.

But we have some suggestions, and a little time spent upfront will save a lot of frustration down the road. Here’s what you need to know about using personalized labels for school supplies; where to get them, why to label them, and why personalized is the way to go.

Long-Term Savings of Labeling School Supplies
First things first; while school supplies might individually be inexpensive (a pencil here, a pack of crayons there) together, it all adds up. Needing to replace school supplies that get lost can become frustrating and expensive.

Moreover, labeling school supplies with personalized, even waterproof name labels that kids can identify at a glance can be a step in the right direction of teaching responsibility and accountability.

Where Can You Get Personalized Labels for School Supplies?
We recommend Sticky Monkey Labels’ personalized labels for school supplies, which they sell in packs.

Their personalized school labels are available in cute, themed packs that kids will love (and which are easy to identify), bundled to save you money, and completely customizable with names, phone numbers, and if you like, additional text containing contact information.

They are also waterproof, weatherproof, tear resistant, refrigerator, freezer, sterilizer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, and are suitable for use on plastic, glass, metal, and even paper or cardboard.

Additionally, their bundles are available with a bunch of labels for school in different sizes (see below) making them perfect for labeling all different sorts of school supplies.

What You Can Label with Sticky Monkey Labels’ Personalized Labels for School Supplies
If you choose one of Sticky Monkey Labels’ 138-packs of kids’ labels for school, they come with:

● 9 large rectangles (3”x.75”), perfect for labeling notebooks, books, binders, folders, pencil cases, and so much more.
● 42 slim labels (2”x.32”), ideal for labeling narrow school supplies like pens, pencils, highlighters, and other writing utensils – though they can also be used for much more.
● 36 mini labels (1.12”x.35”), perfect for many of the same uses for which slim labels are suitable.
● 1 large round label, 3” in diameter, perfect for a backpack.
●3 medium round labels, 1.8” in diameter, suitable for backpacks, books, pencil cases, lunchboxes, Tupperware, toys, and more.
● 45 small round labels, .8” in diameter, perfect as all-purpose labels for labeling personal belongings, books, and electronics.
● And 2 emergency contact labels, 2”x2”

What Should You Label?
The more you label, the less any of your child’s personal belongings will be likely to get lost. We recommend labeling:

● Backpacks
● Shoes
● Clothing, especially outerwear like jackets, hats, and gloves that your child is likely to take off throughout the course of a day.
● Blankets
● Lunchboxes
● Reusable containers
● Water bottles
● Pencil boxes or pouches
● Books
● Notebooks, folders, and binders
● Headphones
● Phones, iPads, or other electronic devices
● And anything and everything else!

Learn More at
In addition to these personalized labels for school supplies, Sticky Monkey Labels also produces clothing labels (both iron-on and stick-on configurations are available) that are ideal for labeling everything from jackets to gloves.

Being prepared with labels that are personalized and themed will help prevent the loss of school supplies and make it easier for young children and teachers to identify at a glance what things belong to whom.

To learn more about Sticky Monkey Labels’ unique school labels, name, and clothing labels, or if you have any questions, visit their website at

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