How To Decorate Your Twins’ Bedroom on a Budget

Decorating for one child can be difficult enough. Doing so for a bedroom shared by twins, therefore, might feel like a monumental task for any parent. One can’t expect two kids to be comfortable sharing everything–at a certain age, they’ll want separate beds, their own desks, and places where they can play or craft on their own. Fitting all of that into a single room while also trying to make it look nice can be a daunting task.

If your little ones are growing out of their cribs and into two distinct personalities, you know that a major bedroom revamp is in order. Here’s how to do that effectively–without spending too much:

Maximize the space
Fitting two growing children and all the things they need into a single room can be quite the conundrum. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to work with the dimensions of the room, which can feel rather limiting when two kids have to share it.

Worry not, though. The space you’re looking for can still be found in that same room–above you. Bunk beds are a great solution for a number of reasons: each child will be able to have their own bed, leaving precious floor space for other needed furnishings. Most kids love bunk beds, too, finding fascination in being high up from the floor.

Of course, you’ll have to ensure their safety. Bunk beds are best for kids aged 6 and up who can climb short distances without issue. The rails of the top bunk should also be high enough to keep the child from rolling off it in their sleep.

To save on costs, you can purchase a bunk bed frame that’s ready for self-assembly, or build one from scratch if you’re handy. Assembling the bed yourself is much cheaper than buying one that’s pre-assembled. You can find bunk bed mattresses for sale at reputable dealers like Kids n Cribs to further lower the expense. In addition to bunk bed mattresses for sale, you’ll also find the aforementioned frames in a variety of styles and designs. If you aren’t comfortable with your kids having to climb a ladder, they have bunk beds with built-in staircases instead for more stable access to the top bunk.

Divide the area
Growing twins need space to discover and solidify their distinct personalities. They may have been fine with being dressed identically and sharing everything when they were younger, but you’ll find that won’t be the case the older they get.

Give each twin a chance to develop themselves by thoughtfully dividing the room they share. You can do this cheaply through color-blocking, painting one side of the room to one child’s favorite color and doing the same for the other. Another way to achieve this division is by making use of a room divider. This gives each twin some privacy and creates their own little areas within the same room. Drapes, curtains, or bookshelves make for excellent dividing furnishings.

Use what you already have
Buying new furniture for your growing twins will undoubtedly take up a significant part of your allotted budget. To stay within your limits, you can grab furnishings and decorations that you already own to jazz up the room.

Instead of buying new storage solutions, you can instead make use of baskets or tote bags that you already have lying around to help your children keep their room tidy. You can also repurpose heavy furniture such as desks and armoires for use in your twins’ bedroom–with some fresh paint and new accessories, they’ll look as good as new.

Decorating your twins’ bedroom thoughtfully will allow them to grow into themselves while still letting them feel connected and bonded to each other. It may require a bit more creativity and resourcefulness, but the end result will be a place they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. For more information on bunk beds, bunk bed mattresses for sale, and other furnishings for kids, check out Kids n Cribs.

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