A High-Level Overview of Bradley Emergency Equipment

For over 100 years, Bradley Corporation has been “Celebrating the Way the World Washes” by manufacturing and distributing both commercial washroom solutions and emergency safety and industrial solutions that exhibit exceptionally high quality.

Bradley Corporation is not only a pioneer in the field but is preeminent, and Bradley commercial and industrial plumbing solutions can be found in partnership with some of the most successful corporate ventures in the world – such as Boeing, Walmart, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and countless others.

Rest assured, if you need Bradley emergency equipment solutions, you’re in good hands.

What Is Emergency Plumbing Equipment?
Emergency plumbing solutions are common in commercial, industrial and institutional settings in which there is a risk of contact with dangerous, corrosive, or toxic chemicals.

Bradley Corporation manufactures emergency plumbing fixtures and parts including:

● Wall-mounted eye washes

● Pedestal-mounted eye washes

● Portable eye washes

● Drench showers

● Enclosed safety showers

● Combination fixtures

● Drench hoses

● And much more

In addition to the Bradley emergency plumbing equipment mentioned above, Bradley Corporation also produces a variety of laboratory fixtures, emergency signaling equipment, and other emergency accessories.

Bradley Emergency Equipment Technology: The Key Difference
There are other manufacturers that produce emergency and safety equipment, so why partner with Bradley Corporation?

Bradley Corporation’s difference is twofold: innovation and technology.

For instance, Bradley Corporation’s Emergency Drench Showers utilize Bradley’s latest fluid dynamic technology, ensuring the most consistent distribution from the spray pattern of the shower head, producing a superior pattern that helps ensure consistent removal of contaminants.

Bradley’s Emergency Drench Showers are configurable with a variety of different shower heads and utilize SpinTec technology that ensures a consistent spray pattern. Their shower designs also feature self-draining designs that help to prevent bacterial growth in the pipes.

Bradley Corporation’s wall and pedestal-mounted eye wash stations are no different and are imbued with a wide range of technological innovations that make them superior to the competition.

They feature high-visibility, bright yellow designs and feature corrosion-resistant coatings and dust covers. Many of them are barrier-free and frost-proof.

Bradley Corporation’s eye was stations are also configurable with a variety of different spray patterns and flow rates so that the eye wash station itself can be configured to the specific hazards of a given site

Bradley’s emergency equipment portfolio also includes both indoor and outdoor enclosed safety showers which meet superior design standards and third-party product specifications for quality.

Their outdoor units utilize electric tankless water heaters that save money and provide an unlimited, uninterrupted supply of hot water. All of their outdoor units are not only fire resistant but resistant to seismic activity as well.

Their outdoor units in particular are manufactured to an uncommon standard of durability, able to withstand 150 mph winds, and made of fire-retardant, self-extinguishing materials. They also feature temperature control insulation and have interior fluorescent lighting.

Best of all, these types of Bradley emergency equipment go with you where you need them, as they are both top and base lift capable.

Where Can You Get Bradley Emergency Equipment Online?
These are the sorts of things you will encounter when you partner with Bradley Corporation for your emergency plumbing needs.

But you still need a venue to supply you with Bradley emergency equipment parts and supplies.

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