California Fish Grill Uses Mobivity SmartMessage to Communicate With Fin Crowd Members

Since 1998, California Fish Grill has been serving high-quality seafood at a reasonable price. Seafood is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients, so eating it on a regular basis is an important part of a healthy diet. The Surgeon General recommends eating two to three servings of seafood per week. One of the key questions that inspired the California Fish Grill concept was, “How can I serve seafood at affordable prices?”

Restaurant365 helps grow california fish grill

With eleven locations in California and one in Las Vegas, California Fish Grill needed an all-in-one restaurant management system that could address its accounting and operational challenges. However, most restaurant management systems were either too expensive or did not provide the functionality the business required. That’s why California Fish Grill chose Restaurant365, which offers robust operational tools and a streamlined inventory system.

Restaurant365’s goal is to provide restaurants with real-time and actionable data to make smarter business decisions. Its customers span all restaurant segments, including independents, franchisors, franchisees, and CPA firms and bookkeeping services. The software helps restaurateurs reduce prime costs while improving profitability.

California Fish Grill implemented Restaurant365 in 2016, and has since grown from 11 to 34 locations. The all-in-one accounting and inventory system allows management to see store-level activity and vendor relationships. The reports also help management understand the profitability of new menu items and determine if they are a profitable addition to the restaurant.

Restaurant365 offers a cloud-based restaurant management solution that integrates accounting, store operations, and workforce. It is the industry’s only Restaurant Enterprise Management platform and integrates with POS systems, banks, and vendors. It pulls sales data from POS devices and automatically creates general ledger journal entries. The software also optimizes performance by integrating with other software and data sources.

California Fish Grill has also implemented Mobivity’s SmartMessage to communicate with its customers through text messaging. By incorporating this technology, the restaurant can customize its text messages to fit their guests’ preferences. The company can also make last-minute menu or location changes using SmartMessage. In addition, California Fish Grill can personalize their messaging to guests based on their preferences.

The software integrates with POS systems, facilitating automated bank reconciliation and accounts payable. It also includes payroll functionality, which automates payroll accrual. Through its POS integration, California Fish Grill has expanded its menu and raised funds for local nonprofits. The company also offers online ordering for its customers. The restaurant even delivers curbside or to the door!

The restaurant’s seafood is sourced sustainably. The restaurant sources its fish from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a nonprofit public aquarium run by biologists committed to sustainability and conservation. As a result, California Fish Grill offers a wide variety of tasty seafood dishes. Additionally, it has grown over the years and now offers a wide range of adult beverages.

Menu mix report helps grow chain

Restaurant365’s menu mix report has helped California Fish Grill analyze its food cost, margin, and historical sales data. By comparing historical costs with current costs, this report can help operators identify gaps in their menu planning and improve execution. Moreover, menu mix reports also help California Fish Grill determine the performance of new menu items and limited-time offer items.

Mobivity’s SmartMessage helps customize text message content to each restaurant location

California Fish Grill is using Mobivity’s SmartMessage to customize text message content for each location. The technology will enable the restaurant to communicate with its Fin Crowd Text Club members on a regular basis. Guests who opt in to receive text messages will be notified of new menu items, menu prices, and restaurant locations. Additionally, they will receive a free fish taco on their first visit.

The Mobivity SmartMessage platform has been proven effective for restaurant brands. With its embedded Trusted Redemption (TR) technology, the company can link text offers to in-store transactions, and calculate the return on marketing investment. This technology also allows brick and mortar brands to track coupons without requiring integration with their POS system. Moreover, SmartMessage also allows businesses to prevent coupon fraud by capturing date, time, and location information.

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