Common Mistakes Land Surveyors Make

Conducting land surveys is an advanced process, involving certified land surveyors making use of highly technical equipment to produce accurate results. And while there aren’t many instances where the report is inaccurate, at the end of the day, human error is inevitable.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the common mistakes that surveyors make. And what you should do about it.

Common Mistakes Made By Land Surveyors

Miscalculations are some of the most frequent mistakes made by land surveyors, which mostly is a consequence of untidy record keeping or plain ignorance. In addition to that, false or inaccurate outputs from the technical equipment can also result in an erroneous record.

These mistakes can lead to an inaccurate map, either skipping a few boundaries or showing them wrongly. Consequently, these issues if untreated can be very expensive to the property owner. As any errors detected after a construction project is done can require the project to be taken down, owing to the possibility of it being illegal.

Land surveyors should pay proper attention to detail when conducting a survey. Proper documentation should be carried on, along with using original and trustworthy maps for references. And finally, using high-tech equipment and ensuring its accuracy should also be done to prevent any errors.

Delays are very common in projects of such nature as while the project is progressing, a lot of issues could reveal themselves that were previously unknown. If this is the matter, there’s no one to blame as neither the property owner nor the surveyor was aware of any issues.

As a property owner, you should be expecting such issues to occur and plan the survey accordingly. Being flexible with the deadlines and leaving a breathing space before the construction phase starts can save you from taking over unnecessary stress.

Miscommunication with clients can happen in any business. As the clients often have a few assumptions about how the job is supposed to be done, and the details are left undiscussed. Only after half the project is completed does the client feel misguided.

It’s normal for this to happen, as the surveyors have several clients to look after, and may have failed to mention any necessary details when discussing your project. As a property owner, it’s your job to discuss everything clearly before you choose to opt for a survey. This way you wouldn’t encounter any surprises.

How to Deal With Surveying Mistakes
Property owners trust the report provided by a surveyor and therefore surveyors are liable for any mistakes that cost the property owners any money.

If the surveyor has failed to maintain a certain standard of work, they may have violated the contract. If this is the case, you can sue the surveyor for the negligence of work, and if the mistake is on their part, they will be required to cover for the loss you may have undergone.

Choose the Best Land Surveyor In Calgary
Surveying mistakes can cost a lot and therefore, as a property owner, you should only choose the best surveying company for your surveying needs. With over a decade of experience and excellent technical expertise, the team at Core Geomatics provides reputable service, and you can never go wrong with choosing them as your surveyor.

While surveying mistakes are infrequent, you can take a step on your end to prevent them.

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