Quick Tips for Decorating Corner Spaces

Currently, one of the most popular styles in interior design is functional and multipurpose furnishings. For example, there has been a desire for roomy corner shelves that can also function as lamps, which help save on space while providing much-needed lighting.

Decorating corner spaces can seem difficult at first. There isn’t much room for furniture or decorations, but you may still make it look good while serving a functional purpose.

Here are the steps on how to do it yourself, as well as our recommendation on an impressive 72-inch floor lamp with shelves that you may want to consider.

Step 1: Start With a Contemporary Floor Lamp with Shelves
One of the best ways to enhance corner spaces is with a modern and sleek shelving unit that has integrated LED lighting. These attractive pieces of furniture are not only great for lighting up notoriously shady areas of our homes, but they also provide ample shelving space for various items.

What’s great about floor lamps with shelves is that they offer both high utility and aesthetic value, which makes them perfect for modern home owners looking for affordable and quality solutions.

Step 2: Plan Out Your Decor
Once you pick a suitable shelving unit, it’s time to decorate!

Depending on the overall look and feel you are going for, there’s multiple ways you can use a display shelf with lights to improve corner spaces. For instance, you can try incorporating some plant life – especially spider plants and other species with long winding foliage, for a trellis kind of effect.

Alternatively, you can use this shelf space for important items that you need within arm’s reach, such as current books you are reading. Either way you go – functional or aesthetic – remember not to clutter each tier up with too much stuff. If you want your corner spaces to look just right, go with the less is more approach.

Step 3: Wall Art and Other Items
Now that you have a focal point, the proper lighting, and an aesthetic angle, you can add onto the space by incorporating some wall art or hangings, as well as other thoughtful additions.

Corner spaces often suffer from a lack of artistry, so they come across as plain and unremarkable. You can switch this up by hanging a piece of art or other kind of wall decor that matches your shelving unit and other furniture pieces in the area. You can also try adding some seating near your shelf if there isn’t already any present.

It’s always worth looking for ways to make spaces more functional, especially if you are in a smaller apartment and are short on space to begin with!

All That’s Missing Now is the Shelf Lamp!
Modern aesthetics are flexible and rarely clash with other design schemes; moreover, they leave room for personalization, allowing creative homeowners to add their own spin to any area. A 72-inch floor lamp with the proper shelving can help you be as creative as you want to be while providing a ton of functionality.

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It has all the hallmarks of a statement piece of decor but is incredibly functional.

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