How to Find an Antique Canopy Bed Online

If you’re looking for a bedroom that makes a statement, look no further than an antique canopy bed. These beds are luxurious, beautiful, and highly functional. Here is all you need to know about finding the perfect antique canopy bed!

What is a Canopy Bed?
A canopy bed is, simply, a bed with a canopy. Basically, it’s a bed with curtains! The curtains can keep your bed warm and also screen from light. The bed curtains can come in a variety of styles, patterns, and quality.

What is an Antique Canopy Bed?
An antique canopy bed is a canopy bed that’s 100 years old or older!

Canopy beds have been around for a very long time. They first appeared due to a need for warmth and privacy in the 16th century. That was around the time that detailed bed frames and expensive textiles became more popular. While the wealthy would have luxurious canopy beds with expensive fabrics, canopy beds were also used by people who shared rooms all over Europe.

China was also a fan of canopy beds throughout history. Until 1911, it was common for families to have an expensive and luxurious canopy bed. It was often part of the bride’s dowry to signify status. You’d find a lot of canopy beds that were extensively decorated with motifs usually about fertility and happy marriages.

How to Choose an Antique Canopy Bed
Canopy beds come in a variety of styles and sizes. Here is how to narrow down your search to find the right bed for your room.

Unlike most beds, canopy beds have a spot for hanging curtains! So make sure that your bed fits in your bedroom. The height of the ceiling should be at least 20 centimeters taller than your bed to ensure it looks proportionate.

The Style
Canopy beds are all quite different from each other. You’ll find some that are thin and elegant while others are thick and powerful in style. If you go with a finer structure, your canopy bed will look more elegant.

This style bed also comes in different colors and finishes. A white canopy bed can give a relaxed vibe, looking like a chill beach house. A wood canopy bed, meanwhile, can make your room look a bit more industrial depending on the details.

The style you go with should really flow with the rest of your decor. Consider your other bedroom furniture. If you don’t plan on changing them any time soon, think about their style and color before purchasing an antique canopy bed. You want your room to be cohesive so it inspires a certain feeling or aesthetic.

Make sure you’re going with a trusted store if you’re going antique. Sometimes stores will attempt to sell replicas labeled as “antique” or “vintage” but the pieces are actually new! Eloquence specializes in antique furniture, meaning the staff is very knowledgeable about different time periods and what furniture is truly from each decade.

When things are older, you can definitely expect some wear and tear. That’s okay. But just because something is old doesn’t mean you should settle for a lot of damage. Not only will it make your room not look as put together and elegant, damaged antique furniture can also be unstable. Look for a trusted antique furniture company that ensures the furniture is sturdy and has the knowledge to fix frames and other internal issues.

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