COGIC Class A, B, and C Vestments for Ceremonial Purposes

Founded in 1897 and incorporated in 1907, COGIC, or the Church of God in Christ, is the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States, and one of the largest denominations overall. 

With over 12,000 churches and nearly 9 million global members, the Church of God in Christ has taken its mission to the masses. 

In the course of its last century of growth, COGIC has published a series of compendia outlining and prescribing proper ceremonial clerical attire, as well as guides on conduct, through its Official Manual. 

This short post contains some information on COGIC Class A vestments, as well as Class B and C vestments, as defined by the COGIC Official Manual.

What Are COGIC Class A Vestments? 
For ceremonial purposes, the COGIC Official Manual prescribes Class A vestments for several specific purposes. Class A vestments are intended to be worn when officiating or attending: 
● The Holy Communion (in any Jurisdiction, Church, or Denomination).
● A Bishop’s Consecration, Installation, or Funeral. 
● Installation of Officers or Ordination of Elders.
● Liturgical Ecumenical Worship Services. 
● University Graduation of Seminaries.
● Formal Marriage Ceremonies. (Formal Solemnization of Marriage).
● And for the purposes of any service or worship designated in a Church or Jurisdiction.

For these purposes, the COGIC Official Manual describes Class A vestments as consisting of: 
● A Roman Cassock (purple, red, or scarlet) with a cincture of matching color. 
● A white traditional rochet with wrist ruffs and bands that match a chimere and cassock.
● A pectoral cross and cord.

Class B Vestments
The COGIC Officla Manual also prescribes Class B Vestments as appropriate for separate duties and observations, including the following: 
● The official Dedication of a Hospital, Office, secular facility, or any other institution.
● A semi-formal Solemnization of Marriage. 
● Praying the Invocation or Benediction at Political Functions (such as the inauguration of a President. The appropriate habit should be dictated by attention to what other Religious Leaders would wear to the same function. 

COGIC Official Class B Vestments consist of: 
● Roman Style Cassock with Manteletta.
● Purple Cincture.
● Purple Zucchetto.

Class C Vestments
The COGIC Official Manual also prescribes Class C vestments for presiding Bishops, which are appropriate for wear at “Lesser” services or functions, including: 
● Good Friday Services.
● Funerals of Pastors or Local Elders.
● Informal Solemnizations of Marriage. 

The COGIC Official Class C Vestments as prescribed by the Church of God in Christ consist of the “blue purple cassock.” 

Where Can You Get COGIC Class A Vestments?
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