Autumn Wedding Attire for Men: What To Wear as a Guest

Fall is one of the most popular seasons for weddings. Few couples can resist its vibrant colors, and the dropping temperatures give guests a chance to dress up without needing to bundle up too much. If you’ve never been to a wedding before, though, chances are you’re scratching your head over what to wear.

Even if the invitation explicitly states a dress code for the event, the interpretation for some of those codes can still vary wildly. Make sure you’re neither over- nor underdressed with these tips:

Demystify the dress code
White tie, black tie, semi-formal, cocktail–these are only a few of the dress codes you’ll spot on most wedding invitations that will come your way. Some of them are straightforward enough, but once you get into the “semi”s and “-optionals”, things will get confusing, fast. Here’s a fast and furious guide to the basics.

– White tie refers to ensembles at the highest level of formality. This means coattails–no exceptions. A white tie ensemble also includes a bow tie, a wing-collar shirt, and a vest, all in white. Color options will be limited to white and black. You’ll also need patent leather dress shoes to finish the outfit off. Consider stores that give you the option to customize your own shoes, like Idrese. In addition to footwear advice, they should be able to recommend a shoe style that pairs best with your outfit.

– Black tie still corresponds to a relatively high level of formality. You’ll need a well-fitting tuxedo, paired with a bow tie or necktie, depending on how traditional the wedding will be. For footwear, you’ll want dark formal dress shoes polished to a sheen, paired with black dress socks.

– Most outdoor weddings will require guests to wear semi-formal attire. This is where you can have a bit of fun. A fitted suit and tie is the best option here, preferably in dark colors. Heavier fabrics are also recommended, to keep you warm from the nippy air. You can also get away with wearing formal dress boots such as Chukkas or Chelseas at a semi-formal autumn wedding.

Choose deep, rich colors
For weddings set against an autumn backdrop, you can’t go wrong with reflecting the colors of the season. Semi-formal events give you the option to bust out those items in deep reds, browns, and golds that you’ve always wanted to wear.

Of course, you can always play it safe with a more neutral palette. Suits in dark gray or navy will never look out of place at a wedding. You can mix and match them with lighter colors such as beige or cream for your shirt and pocket square.

Prioritize fit and footwear
Few things ruin an outfit more than improper fit. When clothes don’t fit you well, they give off an unkempt appearance that would look out of place at an important event. Fortunately, finding a suit that fits you doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can bring any off-the-rack ensemble to a tailor and have the pieces altered to suit your body better.

Similarly, you’ll want to take special care with your footwear. Shoes are often one of the first things that people notice when they look at someone, so leave the gym footwear at home. Going to a store that lets you customize your own shoes is a great way to find the best pair for any occasion, every single time. Custom dress shoes are also an excellent investment, as you can wear them again and again to all the events you’ll be invited to.

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