What Is the Best Butane Fuel for Cigar Lighter

Except for the purists who insist on lighting cigars with matches and cedar spills, the vast majority of smokers use butane cigar lighters.

For some of them, a classic, soft flame Bic or Scripto is adequate. But using a purpose-designed torch jet cigar lighter just seems to enhance the experience.

There are a few reasons for this. One, the directional jet of the torch flame lighter can be used to toast the foot of the cigar prior to lighting, bringing out additional flavors, and preparing the cigar to accept a light. Secondly, jet lighters are almost windproof and have adjustable flame heights.

They also all use butane gas. So, what’s the best butane fuel for cigar lighters?

Triple-Refined or Nothing
In order to emit a jet flame, butane torch jet lighters must release the gas under pressure from specialized nozzles. These nozzles must remain clear and unobstructed to operate.

If the jets get clogged, either the lighter will become a soft-flame lighter or it will struggle to light. In extreme cases, jet flame lighters just won’t light at all.

Impurities in butane gas are the main driver of lighter jet obstructions, so, therefore, the most ultra-refined butane is the highest quality butane.

Look for triple refined butane, which has very few impurities. It burns clean and will keep your burner valves clean.

That’s what makes the best butane fuel for cigar lighters. But what is it that makes high-quality butane refill fuels the best?

Why Do Most Cigar Smokers Prefer Butane?

It Doesn’t Add Flavor
The main reason most cigar smokers favor a butane-powered torch lighter is that butane will not interfere with the flavors of their choice tobacco.

When butane burns, the reaction produces only heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. It is the cleanest-burning lighter fuel, so it won’t alter the flavor of a cigar.

This enables smokers to savor their preferred blends without any interposing, unsavory tastes.

This is in contrast to old-school liquid fuel lighters which use naphtha lighter fluid which does impart a taste to the tobacco. Most cigar smokers prefer not to use these for this reason.

It’s Affordable
While cigar lighters themselves can be fairly expensive, even the best butane fuel for cigar lighters tends to be very affordable.

This holds true even when you consider that most torch lighters are not particularly economical with fuel. You can still get several full lighters from a butane refill canister, even for cigar lighters with big reservoirs and large jets.

Butane Lighters Typically Don’t Leak
Not a huge selling point, but a matter of convenience over most liquid fuel lighters like Zippos. Even when you don’t light them, liquid-lighter fuel lighters tend to leak lighter fluid.

At best this is an inconvenience (when you go to light one, it could be unexpectedly dry), and at worst it is a hassle (lighter fluid can leak out onto your clothes or furniture, especially when it’s hot).

However, butane lighters all have thoroughly sealed jets and ports and will not leak, even in the heat.

Where Can You Get the Best Butane Fuel for Cigar Lighters?
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