Emergency Repairs: Four Parts You Can Salvage from a Gun Parts Kit

In most of the country, people looking for gun parts kits probably are looking for a way to complete a home build.

This is understandable as soaring demand for firearms and ammo has left shelves bare. Some buyers probably think, “I’ve had it with waiting, I’ll build my own at home.”

Most states allow this, as per the ATF’s guideline that firearms built at home, for personal use, by non-prohibited people, are legal (per other regulations, always check local and federal laws before proceeding, and consult a firearms lawyer. This is not legal advice.)

Nonetheless, a gun parts kit is not just a great way to build a firearm using a completed 80% lower frame.

You can keep a gun parts kit as a hedge against part failure.

Plus, investing in a gun parts kit is a cost-effective way to ensure that you’ll have any part on hand, no matter what goes wrong.

Gun parts like these.

Number One: Springs
No matter what you shoot, springs are pretty much always suspect number one when something doesn’t work.

Whether your gun goes “click” when you pull the trigger, when it won’t cycle, eject, or reset, very often the culprit is a fatigued spring somewhere in the action.

Guess what complete gun parts kits have? All of the springs you could possibly need to build a model.

So, while you’ll still be tasked with diagnosis and repair, at least you can buy a gun parts kit in the confidence that the spring you need will be in it.

Have you ever fired a gun with a shot-out barrel? Meaning, a gun whose barrel’s rifling has drastically worn down?

If you have, here’s how you’ll know. Your groups will look like you fired them from a shotgun or musket.

When rifling wears down, accuracy suffers. Fortunately, barrels are another part that complete gun parts kits have.

Firing Pins
So not every gun has a firing pin. That is true. In those that do have them, though, the firing pin is often a weak point.

This is especially true if the firing pin is old, fatigued, or has not been properly heat-treated. Cracking and mushrooming are common problems.

But that’s little worry if you have a gun parts kit, and the problem is relatively easy to diagnose, too.

Arguably the easiest issue on this list to diagnose, you’ll know you have an extractor or ejector problem right away – because the gun won’t extract or eject the spent cartridges.

Just make sure you clean the gun’s action and chamber before you make a knee-jerk replacement of the ejector or extractor. Sometimes an accumulation of fouling can hamper cycling, and it’s not the part that’s to blame.

Either way, though, a parts kit will have these parts so you’ll be able to make the repair if necessary.

Gun Parts Kits for Popular, Rare, and Military Surplus Firearms
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