Business Vs. Personal Insurance: Why are They Necessary?

If you are bursting with innovative ideas on products and services with a business plan in mind, then Alberta is the right place for you. Bringing those ideas to life can give you the likelihood of success. In addition, starting a business in Alberta will provide with you more advantages compared to other locations.

Over the years, small businesses have dominated about 95% of Alberta’s business sector, making them an integral part of its economy. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have adopted through tough times and continue to survive and flourish.

Aside from the legalities of registering and securing permits for a new business, protecting your company against risk factors that can hamper your success is worth considering. The commercial insurance plan Alberta provides can help make your enterprise fail-safe from various aspects.

What is Commercial Insurance, and Why Do You Need It?
Commercial insurance is a broad term that encompasses different business insurance sub-types. These insurance policies are designed to grant coverage to a business, its employees, and its assets. Some types of commercial insurance focus on securing financial facets, while other policies are geared toward protecting your company’s reputation and welfare. Your commercial insurance is typically tailored depending on the type of your business, its size, location, and nature of daily operations. Some of the usual commercial insurance policies recommended for small businesses include:

• General Liability coverage

• Property insurance

• Worker’s compensation insurance

• Employment practices liability coverage

• Business interruption insurance

• Management liability coverage

• Cyber liability coverage

• Errors and omissions insurance

• Commercial auto insurance

• Crime coverage

Due to tight financial resources, small businesses are more vulnerable to bankruptcy if unforeseen damages, third-party injuries, or errors occur. Therefore, the commercial insurance plan Alberta – based companies offer is essential to protecting your wellbeing.

What Makes Commercial Insurance Different from Your Personal Insurance?
If you are wondering whether it is necessary to acquire commercial insurance if you already have existing personal insurance, then the answer is yes. Although commercial and personal insurance plans protect you and your investments, they serve different motives. Here are some of the common differences:

• Policyholders for personal insurance will be a person, probably you or your family. While a commercial insurance plan’s policyholder or beneficiary will be an entity that is your company.

The type of property covered by your insurance will be your house and what’s in it. Commercial insurance coverage includes any structures related to your business, such as your store, office, or warehouse. Contents coverage comprises your equipment, machinery, furniture, and inventory.

• Auto insurance for personal coverage deals with costs involving your car and others involved in an accident if there are any. A commercial auto policy covers a broader scope involving company cars, special vehicles, and trucks used for your services.

• Liability insurance for personal use is meant to protect you from daily life’s misfortunes. For example, it can cover costs for theft, house repair, and medical bills for third-party injuries occurring on your premises.

While commercial insurance may also include fees for third-party injury claims, it protects your business from employee lawsuits, cyber liability, and more.

For your business to be resilient to predictable risk factors, shop for the best commercial insurance plan Alberta offers. Not only does this province provide substantial business opportunists, but also adequate protection to its entrepreneurs.

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