A Basic Overview of the Different Types of Golf Bags for Sale

Could you honestly imagine a day on the course without the organization, convenience, and comfort of your favorite golf bag?

Forget a round on the course, could you even imagine going to the driving range without it?

After our favorite clubs and shafts, golf bags are probably the equipment that each of us leans on the most.

But, just in case you have only one, there are several different types of golf bags for sale. Perhaps it’s time you treat yourself to an upgrade.

Golf Stand Bags
All else being equal, if you only have one type of golf bag, this is probably what it is. Golf stand bags are designed for players who walk the course and don’t have a caddy.

Golf stand bags are made with lightweight, folding legs, often of carbon fiber, so you can stand the bag up while you tee off – hence the name.

Because stand bags are intended to be carried, they are often very slim and very lightweight. Some ultra-lightweight, modern options even weigh less than three pounds!

Additionally, golf stand bags tend to have numerous ergonomic features like padded, breathable shoulder straps and hip pads that distribute weight evenly and improve comfort while you’re carrying your golf equipment around the course.

While they’re usually smaller than the following option, that doesn’t mean they need to be light on features. Many stand bags have specialized pockets and full-length shaft dividers to better protect your clubs and shafts.

Golf Cart Bags
Whereas golf stand bags are designed for players that walk the course, golf cart bags are designed for players who play from the comfort and convenience of a golf cart or a push or pull cart.

Therefore, they tend to be larger and bulkier and can be a little more awkward to carry since they place greater emphasis on capacity than they do on portability.

Most cart bags have a greater capacity for clubs and equipment than comparable stand bags and are designed to be left in the cart during a day on the course. Therefore, many of them have forward-facing pockets that enable players to access everything within them without needing to shift the bag around.

Because they are larger, they tend to have extra storage space and numerous specialized pockets for gear and other equipment. Some have specialized, lined rangefinder and valuables pockets, or even cooler pockets for refreshments.

With all that being said, many of them still have comfort-lift handles for getting them in and out of the cart or trunk.

Golf Travel Bags
Finally, we have golf travel bags that are not designed to be brought on the course. Instead, these types of golf bags for sale are designed to protect a player’s clubs and other gear during the course of travel.

There are both hard-sided and soft-sided travel bags made of quality materials, both of which are generally designed to entirely fit around a loaded stand or cart bag. This prevents players from needing to unload and load their equipment in and out of two different bags.

Some golf travel bags feature internal retention straps and most feature adequate padding to protect expensive golf equipment. Others have specialized tow handles and smooth rolling wheels to make it easier to get them across parking lots, airport terminals, and the like.

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