What is the Best Rolling Paper?

One of the classic ways to smoke is to roll your own. Hand rolling can be difficult to master, but it is a skill that any smoker can learn with a little practice. One of the most important factors when it comes to rolling the perfect hand-rolled smoke is to start with the right papers. There are a lot of different options on the market, so finding the best rolling paper can be challenging.

Standard Papers
Most rolling papers will have a nearly white color and are somewhat translucent. These papers are typically made from non-wood plant fibers as opposed to the wood pulp used in regular paper. This usually means a mixture of flax and other plant materials with fine fibers that can form a thin, flexible paper.

One of the biggest advantages of your average rolling paper is the fact that they are thick(in rolling paper terms, which is still very thin) and sturdy, making them easier to roll for beginners. They also tend to burn evenly, allowing for some margin for error in how tight you roll. Companies like Zig Zag and Rizla are known for their standard rolling papers which are available in a variety of sizes.

Hemp Papers
Hemp rolling papers, as their name suggests, are made from hemp plant fibers. Typically these papers are unbleached, giving them a naturally tan color. Hemp papers burn slowly and provide an excellent smoking experience.

Despite being thinner than your standard rolling paper, hemp papers are still easy to roll. One big advantage to using these papers is that they add very little “burnt paper” taste to your smoke. Raw Rolling Papers and other brands special in producing high quality hemp wraps for rolling. The fact that these papers are not bleached and over processed also makes them an eco friendly option for smokers.

Rice Papers
Rice rolling papers are made from rice straw and are one of the thinnest options available. Because they are so thin, rice papers burn extremely cleanly. If you burn an unrolled paper, it will only leave a small bit of ash from the natural gum glue along the paper’s edge. Rice papers can be difficult to roll when compared to a standard paper, as they are far more likely to tear.

If you are looking for the cleanest tasting smoke, then rice papers are the perfect option. They add virtually no taste to your smoke while still burning slowly if rolled properly. Papers from brands like Elements and OCB are great choices for smokers interested in rolling with rice papers.

Other Options to Consider
If you are new to rolling or you are just looking for some more interesting options, there are plenty of other options available. If you want to add a little pizazz to your smoke, flavored rolling papers are a fun choice. Brands like Juicy Jay are known for their papers which contain a little flavor that will impact the flavor of your smoke.

For anyone new to rolling, papers with wide sizes are usually the best option. These provide significantly more room to get a tight and even roll. Another popular option when it comes to making rolling easy is to buy pre-rolled cones that just need to be filled with the smoking material of your choice, packed down, and lit. If rolling proves challenging but you don’t want to pack huge cones, rolling machines are an easy way to roll perfectly every time.

If you are looking for the best rolling papers, there are plenty of options available online. Online vendors like FunkyPiece are great places to find a wide variety of rolling paper options.

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