3 Crucial Elements to Include in Your Calgary Pet Daycare Business Contract

So, if you’re thinking of starting a small business in this Canadian city, the time to do so is now. The government is highly supportive of small business owners, and there’s no shortage of small business contract lawyers in Calgary to help you jumpstart your business.

And if there’s one industry you should consider as a business venture, it’s the pet industry. If you don’t know yet, Calgary is a dog-friendly city with over 91,000 licensed dogs. So, there’s no shortage of canines to take care of for your pet daycare, not to mention cats and other pets.

But of course, you need to be interested in animals for this business to succeed. And before you start operations, you need the expert advice of small business contract lawyers in Calgary to help you create a clear and effective contract for clients.

So, what are the most critical elements that should be in your contract?

The Service Agreement
The service agreement explains the terms and conditions of your pet daycare business. This is where you specify what you do and don’t do while pets are under your care and especially states the differences between in-house doggy daycare services and home pet sitting services.

The services agreement may include the vaccination requirement, payment options, cancellation fees, and termination of service, depending on your prerequisites.

The primary purpose of the service agreement is to protect your business and the staff. So, you need to write it using simple and concise words to avoid misunderstandings. And clients need to agree with it before you can start taking care of their pets.

Veterinary Release Form
You also need to include a vet release clause in the contract in case an emergency arises. No pet daycare owner wants to have a sick ward. But if it happens, the best thing to do is take the pet to the veterinarian.

Clients first need to agree and sign a veterinarian release form that specifies getting vet services when necessary before you can take such measures. Without it, your business will be liable for the injury, damages, and expenses.

So, aside from signing the service agreement, make sure your clients also sign a separate vet release form.

Payment Form
While the service agreement already includes the payment terms, you need to provide a separate payment form or, more specifically, the payment authorization form if you provide in-house pet sitting services. This document states the options for payment and clear instructions for paying their invoices depending on which option they choose, which is different from settling on the doggy daycare site.

These factors must be clearly stated in the contract and explained to clients if the need arises. And, before putting their signature on the document, you must ensure that clients understand and agree to your terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, there are cases where clients feign understanding and simply sign the contract. In these cases, rest assured that the legal agreement will protect your business, and your small business contract lawyers in Calgary will guide you if something goes wrong.

A good business boils down to providing quality services and earning your client’s trust, which is why having a contract and explaining it to clients is crucial for your business’ success.

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